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I’m currently an inspector operating in PA. I’m pretty close to the MD border and I occasionally get calls or emails to conduct inspections across the border in MD. Anyone have any experience or advice about reciprocity in MD? Thanks

The licensing requirements for Maryland are very different than those in PA.

Why don’t you reach out to the Maryland licensing office for inspectors and learn directly from the source?

Thanks for getting back to me fellas. I have called the licensing authority down there and left a voicemail. Still no response. After the holiday, I’ll try reaching out again. I was hoping to find someone that has went through the process with MD before so I could identify any sticking points before I hit them. I figured getting feedback from the licensing department as well as an inspector that’s had to deal with that department would get me some insight from both sides.

Thanks Daniel

Patricia Schott
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Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
500 N. Calvert Street, #302
Baltimore, MD 21202
410-230-6165 (office)
410-333-6314 (fax)
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Figure you’ve already been here:

Don’t know about reciprocity, but the license requires so many classroom hours, pass NHIE, insurance and continuing education. License fee is every two years.

Thanks Mr. Kenney. I’ll give her a jingle. I’m probably good on the insurance and I’m always doing continuing education so I’m probably good on those fronts. The class room hours and exam will probably be my most important concerns. If I had a ton of business coming from MD, it would be worth jumping through the hoops. However, I only get random phone calls from down that way so if there is limited or no reciprocity, I may just continue to decline them. I’m busier than I want to be anyway so I don’t feel the need to go out of my way for more work.

I am in the opposite boat. I have been an inspector in Maryland for a number of years and am now looking to pick up PA as well. I know MD has more strict requirements so I am looking to see if there is a way to streamline the process.
If I can help answer any of your questions for MD let me know

Correct me if I’m wrong (my wife says it happens alot) My understanding was that you needed to belong to a professional association in PA (InterNACHI, or ASHI) and E&O insurance in PA but they had not adopted a state SOP. If that’s the case how could you have an error or omission?

Hey Nick,

     PA should be real easy for you. Sounds like you will already have most of what PA requires. When I became an inspector 10 years ago, you needed E&O as well as general liability. You had to have attended formal home inspector training OR have at least 3 yrs of experience as a general contractor. You have to conduct 100 "not for a fee" inspections which acted as a form of internship, and that was it. Being that you are already inspecting, I would assume they would wave the 100 inspection internship. I will gladly help you out as well if you have any questions about PA. It's kinda like the wild west up here, very little regulation.
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         You're spot on as far as belonging to a professional organization, needing E&O, and no SOP. Part of the requirement is that whatever professional organization we belong to must have an established SOP and we have to adhere to that.