Master bedroom has no window...

I see where you are coming from Marcel but a window is not required if a skylight provides natural light.


I don’t have commentaries in my IRC :frowning: . Seems like they are helpful. Where’d you get 'em?


Good point. Just concerned about the potential for getting a hail storm started by suggesting that rooms without EERO’s are not sleeping rooms. This could potentially have a severe effect on price, especially if the seller believes it to be a three bedroom.

It’s an older townhome.

It’s called the 2003 “IRC Commentary” :smiley: (much like the NEC “Handbook”), and it can be purchased from the ICC website. I don’t think you have to be a member to purchase this.

I purchased the 2006 IRC recently and it came with all the 2006 “I” Codes - Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, Fire Code, Building Code, Residential Code and Existing Building Code. Very cool. . . This is a membership package, however.

I’ll bet that if you check with Building and Safety, there is no “grandfathering” or other provision that will allow a sleeping room that does not meet EERO requirements.

Recently, my mother, who rents out rooms in her house… shared living, had a problem with one of her renters. the renter called the fire dept. to try to have them site her for unsafe living conditions. The tenant removed all the batteries from the smoke detectors first.

My mother has a walk out basement that she lives in. The garage is a basement access garage. Her bedroom has a 10’ window that is acceptable for egress & the livingroom has a door to outside, 10’ egress window, door to the garage (2- 10’ doors and a 3-0 exterior door) and the stairs going up.

The fire dept. said that he basement had plenty of emergency egresses. The would not consider the exit to the garage as an egress though but they would count the stairs as an egress???

As for the smoke alarms… The Fire Dept. told the renter that she had better replace the batteries due to the log that my mother keeps showing that she tests each and every one of them every month and replaces the batteries every four month. (They were all replaced 2 months ago & tested just 3 days prior.) The renter was pissed… but she did replace all the batteries before they left. They then informed her that if their were any further problems that she would be held responsible.

This all happened after my mother served her an eviction notice.


I must be suffering from Deja vu. I swear I’ve read that story before. :smiley: :smiley:

If someone has not already mentioned it, here is a ‘bedroom’ discussion from about 18 months ago. It has a couple of good links in it as well for those that want to delve deeper in this topic:

John, I may have told that story before.:slight_smile: Or at least a story just like it.

Same definition we use here in San Diego.

In my area it would depend on the age of the structure. Twice this year, I’ve done an inspection on 3 bedroom houses with one being a basement bedroom. The listing sheet called them a 3 bedroom house. The one bedroom in the basement on each had a small window about 5.5’ off the floor that was about 2’ square. We brought to the buyers attention this was not a legitimate bedroom. The agent and buyer called the city. The City said their records indicated it was a 3 bedroom house. It was 38 years old. Go figure.

Codes usually have a basis in common sense. Regardless, forget about codes and err on the side of caution. A bedroom should have natural light and ventilation, and a means of emergency exit and egress.

PS. If it doesn’t have a closet, I’m calling it a den.

Even an Armoir don’t count?

Those were around before the modern closest!!

Just a question.

Marcel :slight_smile:

But Marcel, we no longer live in caves! :smiley: Well, most of us.

Real funny John.

We should all remember life safety codes, which in most towns/cities require egress not for the resident trapped inside but the first responder trying to save them, thus requiring X amount of space with an air pack on to rescue whoever is trapped inside


As a member of the NFPA #2374956, I can relate very well to what your are pointing out.

Thank you

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Thank you Marcel!
I hope evreyone will err on the side of our clients saftey and not just codes.

But what if the Armoire can’t fit through it? :smiley:

As a long time fire fighter = you make it fit and do what you have to do to save a life. Same thing would apply to a Home inspection.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:


The same thing happens here in Ontario as far as the plans showing only 4 bedrooms and 1 den.The reason they do this here is for HVAC systems,they would have to be designed under a differant part of the code and it can get costly.

For my fellow Ontario inspectors Under 5 bedrooms Part 9—5 bedrooms and Over part 6