Closet in Bedroom

In order for a room to be a bedroom, it has to have a closet. Does this count?

I don’t think that is correct.

So the house I grew up in built in 1850 had no closets and all this time we thought it was a 5 bedroom house, crap.

Only appraisers believe that…

…and Real Estate Agents LOL.
Not that it matters to me one way or the other - just wondering. :slight_smile:

The IRC does not define sleeping quarters. Neither should you.

I don’t Joe - just curious.

If it looks like someone’s sleeping there, call it a bedroom for identification purposes in your report whether it has a closet or wardrobe. If it definitely should not be a bedroom (lacking egress) and someone is sleeping there, then warn the buyer in your report. That’s about all I do.

Food for thought …Food!
Does a bathroom have to have a toilet ?
Don’t you answer this Mr . Pope .

Toilet is not required. A sink is, however. :wink:

Neither is a closet in a bedroom…
Joe I was being facetious…Which I’m sure you knew !
Another !
Does a kitchen require a range and/or a frig?

No appliance whatsoever is required. Not even a sink. :wink:

In a commercial restaurant inspection a double sink and hot water is required.
Don’t ask me how hot the water supposed to be ! …OK ! 170 degs

Here’s one for you Roy. What is a “habitable room”?

It depend on how much I have had to drink!

All I know is at least one is required, it should have a window or door, a source of heat (not AC). At least one of those rooms shall be at least 120 SF in size (others can be not less than 70 SF). They shall be not less than 7’ in horizontal dimension (except kitchens) and a ceiling height of not less than 7’.

So, presumably a big bathroom with a big window is a habitable room, but who really knows.

Anything with wheels here ,lol