Master Class Video: Offering Infrared as an Ancillary Service

:pencil2:Check out this tip on offering infrared as an ancillary service from InterNACHI’s® Master Class for Home Inspectors! :arrow_down:

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:mag:The InterNACHI® Master Class for Home Inspectors teaches home inspectors everything they need to know to run a successful business, including advanced inspection training, business essentials, and marketing strategies. The class also includes virtual private coaching sessions with the instructor.

You can find the rest of our detailed course on our YouTube Channel! Happy Inspecting! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Adding ancillary inspection services bundled with a home inspection service is a great way to increase gross revenue in order to grow the profit margin.

Learn more about profit and profit margins.

I do very well from ancillary inspection services.

I as well Robert. I had a client yesterday order every ancillary service I offered. 7 hours in the home and a trip to FedEx for mold samples I was worn out! The bank account went way up and I owe it to InterNACHI accredited ancillary services that set me apart from the herd. Being a Pluming Contractor helps as well.


Martin, You’re The Best!

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