Which Ancillary Service

Good Day Inspectors!
I would like to know which ancillary services is the most profitable for your business?
Is Sewer scope
Indoor Air Quality Survey
Lead Testing or something esle?

Infrared Thermography, but you have to convince that the service you are providing is worth paying for compared to those who advertise “thermal scans” for free. I had no problem getting paid for it.

Why do we charge for infrared thermography when other inspectors offer thermal scans for free?

Depending on the prevalence of Radon in your area, it may be detrimental for you not to offer that service. In radon prevalent areas, I expect it would be the most profitable ancillary service.

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It depends heavily on your location as well, what are your competitors offering? I almost went out and dropped a ton of money on several radon monitors since I knew it was common where I used to live in Nashville only to find out it’s a virtually nonexistent service where I live now.

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Theo, if you’re considering adding ancillary services, profit margin is not the only consideration. I think most inspectors are expected to do radon. I think you may lose business if you don’t offer this. It takes very little time to set up, but you have to consider the return trip to pick it up each time.
In terms of value, IR Thermography is by far the most valuable service you can offer for your customers and if you learn to use and interpret it correctly it will help protect your business in a way that no other service can. IMO it should be mandatory for all inspectors. It will teach things and help you find things that you most probably would not find otherwise. And I completely agree with Chuck that you should charge for this service. I charge extra for this and many of my customers really enjoy learning about IR during the inspection and think the images are interesting so it’s good for business that way too.
You should offer as many ancillary services as you can. Every market has different needs so research what other inspectors in your area are offering so you can be competitive. I sell package deals which include multiple services and give the customers a discount for the package.
Consider your target customers too. Single family home inspections are your target for most ancillary services. Condo and townhome buyers are not going to purchase many ancillary services.
Hope this helps.


Mold Testing

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Theodore - I am in WA, and have had good success with the sewer cam thing. It is a process unless you get stuck pulling a toilet. In WA, we are allowed to do this. Some states have rules in place that will only allow a plumber to perform this. (Check your situation first!) It is an investment to start with, but I am doing 3-4 per week along with inspections and things are slow right now. Over half of the inspections want a scope for what I am doing. I did them at a discounted rate per agent for the first one to get them on board, and get the word out. I think now I have some customers and agents using me specifically because I can do both. So far, no blocked back log of fluids has surprised me when opening a cleanout, but I tap the pipe pretty well and have avoided a few potential issues. If you are curious, reach out and I will answer any specifics. Good luck!

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Much of it depends on where you live. I offer Mold, Radon and Septic. Radon I sub out. IMO, it does not have a good ROI. I do very little Mold but Septic is big in my area.


This all depends on where you live.

I do a lot of pool inspections. But I live in an area with a lot of pools.

I don’t do radon, because I live in an area with very little to no radon.

Sewer is great if you live in a city. Probably not as great if you inspect in more rural areas.

What anyone else does may have little to no bearing on your business.


I would like to thank everyone for your feedback.
This is year number 2 for me and I have just added Indoor Air Quality Surveying and mold as an ancillary service . I am just starting to promote this service and I have completed one this week so far. Radon testing, I link up with another inspector that takes care of it for me. I am considering becoming certified by the start to perform lead testing. I dont want be an inspector that will come in your and perform the lead swab test using the kit. I would like to become specialized in this market.

Roof inspections, Envelope Weatherization, Moisture intrusion, Masonry. $400.00 plus applicable tax.
U-Must be proficient.
Any Ancillary Inspection Service gets your name out there faster as well as filling in scheduling gaps.