Material Defect Warranty

I live in Atlanta, GA. I am the original owner of a house built in 2003, with Atlas Chalet 3-tab shingles on my roof. In 2009, I contacted Atlas seeking a roof replacement because of defective shingles and got my request denied. Fast forward to 2014 and found out through a roofer replacing my neighbor’s roof that Atlas is involved in a class action lawsuit for the Atlas Chalet shingles.

I recently contacted Atlas about the claim that I had originally made in 2009 requesting a roof replacement. Atlas responded that they approve a “warranty settlement” and wanted information on the number of squares of shingles present on my roof. They also indicated that “the warranty provides for a pro-rated material (shingles only) settlement.” Their “settlement amount would be based on the proration of the current cost of comparable replacement shingles ($89.00 per square) for the number of squares of Chalet shingles on the roof.” I have 35 squares on the roof.

My question is, should I respond by letting Atlas know that $89 per square would not be sufficient to cover a full roof replacement, including full cost of labor for removal and replacement? (The roof replacement cost estimates I received from highly-rated consumer roofing companies range from $7K-$10K. )

Or, should I decline Atlas’ offer outright and wait until the class action suit is over and see if I get compensated?

I would take the money they are offering you @89.00 per square directly. Get a lawyer involved and they get 25% of any settlement an potentially tie you up for years. The depreciation is what is against you. If the manufacturer is willing to post date to 2009 even better!
No roofing manufacturer I am aware of will ever reimburse labor replacement costs. Either by warrantee or guarantee. Just doesn’t happen.

Thanks for your reply.