13 yr old shingles needing replaced?

Dwelling built 2000, looks like the original roof, but also looks to be in need of replacement.

Your thoughts?

Roof has reached the end of its life recommend immediate replacement .

IMO they, at least sections, need replaced. Looks like they’re in worse condition at south side(s).

Defective shingles that didn’t take the heat or UV well. Looks more like a 30yr old roof.

It appears that it is the side without the vents.
I would check to see if the soffit is blocked on that side.


Without a doubt my friend.

With pictures like that to back it up, I’d have no problem telling them it needs to be replaced,
and to get several quotes from qualified roofers.

Check out the Certainteed “Shangle” recall for organic shingles. Here’s a link http://www.certainteedshinglesettlement.com/identifyshingles.cfm
It looks like thats what you’ve got and they had a major recall on the product for premature failure.

Great information, thanks guys.

Delamination of the asphalt layer from the mat. Defective shingles, however, for the warranty to be effective, the underside of the roof sheathing must be ventilated. If it’s not, they may be out of luck. This type of thing is often the result of poor shingle quality combined with poor ventilation.