Material type

What is the proper terminology for the metal covering above the bay window.

Is it a roof or flashing?


Roof. Is it tarnished copper or coated steel? Either one, I call that a roof.




are we helping yet? :mrgreen:



PS. I’d refer to it as a roof

Roof (ad nauseam)



Pretty roof.:cool:

Hood! In my neck of the woods!

Carl, this is just as bad as this old Frog that came out of the woods of Northern Maine. ha. ha.

Hood for a Maine frog still means hides the engine of my 1964 Ford Galexy.
Hood is what we used to sled down on the snow crust covered hills.
Hood is what I were all winter long.
Hood is a habitual criminal.
Hood is a gangster.
Hood is a Christian religious garments
Hood is a three bagger night on the town.
Hood is a sack cloth.
Hood is a vestment.
Hood is a miter.
Hood is a stole.
Hood is a humeral veil.

Now please explain how and why you would call a roof over a bay or bow window a hood. :slight_smile: :wink: :mrgreen:

Marcel :wink:

I guess it must be redneck slang!

How can it be a roof if there is no structural members?

What makes you think there are no structural members?

Here the tinners bring them out and the back has a flange on it and they nail it to the wall.

Like I said around my red neck of the woods.

We just had Renewal by Andersen replace all our windows and they installed a bay window for us. I watched the nice man, and he built the thing almost from scratch. I guess that’s what separates Renewal from those “other guys”.

Do your windows have backer rod and sealant joints? Did you take any pictures of the work as it was being done?

Absolutely…and no.

The manufacturer calls it a roof, see Marcel’s link -
It’s made of polymer, thanks for that.

Although it do look like a hood, don’t it?

This may help some.

Installing a Bay Window
Index>Carpentry Remodeling>Framing & Installing Windows>
Modern bay windows are preassembled for easy installation, but you should still plan on several days to complete the work. Bay windows are large and heavy, and installing them requires special techniques. Have at least one helper to assist you, and try to schedule the work when the chance of rain is small. Use prebuilt bay window accessories to speed your work.
A large bay window can weigh several hundred pounds, so it must be anchored securely to framing members in the wall, and supported by braces attached to framing members below the window. Some window manufacturers include cable-support hardware that can be used instead of metal support braces.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There is no shingles on a metal hood.

Sorry about that Carl, I guess your hood definition makes sense in that respect, dosen’t it?
So when it is made of pre-fabricated metal it is a hood and when it is roofing material it is a roof. I’ll buy that. ha. ha.

So when it is made of PVC, it would be a cap, right? :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: