Metal roof flashing question

What is the capping called on this metal roof? I’ve yet to see it on the metal roofs that I’ve inspected. It is collecting a lot of mildew an debris.

Normally, that would be rake trim going up the gable. I have no idea what you call it when installed incorrectly along the roof edge. Maybe just “angle trim” ?

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I have no idea what you call it when installed incorrectly. Maybe just “angle trim” ?[/quote]

Gutter splash guard?

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I think someone added it to the top of the metal panels to stop the ice from sliding off the roof. They make small clips for this, but harder to install then just a piece of Drip-edge on top of the roofing.

Pretty sure it’s called automatic ice dam. If not, it should be.

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May I recommend, listing the shape and type of roof covering you inspected.
Shape: Gable roof.
Corrugated metal roof.
General category, Trim. Eave Starter trim.
Fastener corrosion.
Debris in Trim channels.
Missing downspout.

Just my 2 cents.

Debri and leave catcher. LOL


Morning, Blake. I though I would post Understanding the Components of a Metal Roof
Roof Eave:
To help your project look neat and finished, trim is a major component of your roof’s aesthetic. Residential Metal Roofing Trim helps bring a profile to life and can complement other materials on the building/home. Residential Metal Roofing Trim can be used to add subtle detail or texture in ways that other materials simply cannot. It also helps ensure moisture doesn’t seep in where the panels join together or meet at angles.

Eave Trim: Eave Trim (sometimes called Eave Drip) is designed to redirect rain run-off coming from the roof away from the perimeter of the roofing fascia. It is designed for both aesthetic appeal and for effective redirection of rain from the roof top to the ground below, protecting the fascia boards from moisture exposure.

It’s called “wrong”, or in written form “a non-standard design that is not performing well”.

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