Mattamy Homes

I was a plan review guy for a higher end developement done by these guys, my name is on some of the architectural documents they signed. They are building 600 to 800K homes in my community.

Can anyone tell me anything about them? They tell me they are the biggest builder in Canada.

Not looking to smear them, just wonder what you Canadian guys know about Mattamy.

No personal experience and:

Thanks, I saw that when they first showed up last year. The people I worked with were decent. Just wondering about them in general.

Biggest builder in Canada they tell me.

Hi Paul, if they are big the biggest I can’t confirm. Their homes do have their well documented issues I can confirm, but every builder has issues sorry I can’t be more helpful just dig and you will find.

I owned a Mattamy home at one time (little cliff claven trivia for you–the name mattamy comes from his kids matt and amy…) Anyways they did a nice house and a had a few bad sub trades (don’t they all) One thing I liked was that I was the second owner and they had neglected to finish a portion of the porch roof–a decorative piece tucked into the side–shingled but only to protect the soffit sort of area–literally like 10 shingles. I called them directly and they came to fix it even though it was way out of warranty–was impressed by that…

They also had a house factory in milton, where the houses were built inside and then dropped onto the site–had some foundation issues in some (cracks, leaks) since they were poured when it was butt-*** cold, but otherwise people seemed happy with them…

Not sure if they are the biggest (simply because I don’t know) but they are one of the biggest and most reputable for sure.

I am currently their client and so far it has been a great experience working with them.

I have heard some not so good stories about them but if you are building so many house, there will be issues - all of these builders do.

I find transparency in their contracts and they do a good job in advising of all possible future costs associated with your new home.

One of my family member bought a new home from them about a year ago. Just one day before closing they found out that the carpet installed was not the shade they picked. Mattamy changed the whole carpet within hours.

Good story about the carpet. Thanks Muhammad

Can confirm Mattamy are the biggest in Canada. As for quality control, I can’t answer.

Back when I was in the infrastructure industry doing quality control (mostly underground work water and sewer) I was told by many people mattamy homes is owned by the same family that own Con-Drain Construction. CD is by far the biggest construction company in Canada hands down. CD also owns a company that can do anything. Example they own the company that makes the under ground pipe the company that installs it, a company that does hydro work, gravel pits, foundations, paving, trucking companies etc etc etc. If in fact Mattamy is part of this group as I’ve been told then yes I can believe they are the biggest home builder here. Through their family they also own many, many companies that do all the same lines of work, but are cousins, uncles etc under different company names so even the smaller built sub-divisions are still the same people just different names.



**Mattamy Homes to buy Monarch Corp. in $330-million deal **

Canada’s largest builder of new houses has taken a big step into the high-rise segment of the home construction market.
Mattamy Homes Ltd., which has operations in Ontario, Alberta and in several U.S. states, has signed a deal to buy Monarch Corp., the Canadian division of U.S. home builder Taylor Morrison Home Corp. and one of Canada’s oldest real estate companies

found this from back in December. Maybe you have heard of this US builder they mention?

Yes I have, they build mostly south of the Mason Dixon line.

Interesting, thanks.

Looks like they are the biggest.