May have saved a life yesterday

Entered first apartment of a two unit. The air had a funny feel to it. They say you can’t see, feel, etc… CO, but I swear I can sense it. Anyway, the heating equipment was an old natural gas space heater with vent connector to the chimney, and a ‘gas on gas’ combination stove, side room heat with vent connector to chimney. In casual conversation with the 78 year old occupant, she was complaining of not feeling very well. I started questioning her further and here were her complaints: headache, lethargy, dizzy, slightly nauseous. I went outside to zero my CO meter, re entered the apartment and immediately started getting readings above 20 ppm in ambient air. I tried calling her landlord/ property manager but got the voice mail. I then called the Fire Dep’t. to ask them some questions in terms of concentrations, and so on, and they said they would send someone out. So here I am outside waiting for one fire person to show up and guess what? They send the pumper, hook and ladder, battalion chief, 8 firefighters, ambulance service, their supervisor and the natural gas utility - and not a single vehicle came quietly. They went in the apartment and with their meter took readings of over 60 ppm at the appliances. The gas utility immediately cut the gas to the unit until the faulty equip. was repaired or replaced to their satisfaction. (My report also made the recommendation of a chimney/ flue inspection by a qualified chimney service/ repair contractor, as I suspected a blockage of the flue - no visible liner or screened weathercap)
I initially balked at the $320.00 price of a CO meter, thinking that this wasn’t even in the minimum standards, but in hindsight it was the most important equipment purchase I have made to date. A very rewarding day.

Keith…you deserve the claps…wait, let me rephrase that…you deserve a big round of applause. Well Done!

Good job!!!

Great job Keith, you are a hero IMO.

Way to go above and beyond!!

Thank you Keith, you have done our profession proud today.

Awesome job!!!

WOW Keith, tremendous job.

Well Done!

Great Job always listen to your gut feeling not the naysayers. I see no one is telling Keith that was above the SOP:D:D:D:D

WOW, WOW, WOW, your story made my day, way to go!

Great job Keith.

Good job, Keith


What a great deed , another reason to carry extra tools . I had found a gas furnace last week with a small hole in it last week got me thinking of getting CO tester , Btw what one do you carry.

Keith, excellent!!!

Good work Keith…!!!

Isn’t that outside the realm of the SOP!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I was thinking the same thing Charley, until i saw your post. I had to do it!!

Very cool story, you life saver.