Maybe Commercial buyers are coming back?

Today’s inspection.

Nice Dale, those are the ones I like to build, one story, ha. ha.

How long did it take you on that one.
Looks good.

A little touch of spandrel glase, Marble, split faced block, and even curb drains looks like.
Man, can I go visit and help? Would beat this refrigeration work up here. :mrgreen::wink:

I inspected this building three months ago—not long for the inspection----:smiley:

Plus we had an HVAC specialist there, the roofing company I deal with is coming tomorrow to give a repair quote, the torched-down roll, basically just needs a reflective sealant applied----no biggie.

Think it may be both, had 8 inspections booked past 2 days. Site hits are back up and calls in are tripled from Dec. …Weeks are full again:)

Man you got that right Darren, business has never been better…!!

Nice parking job Dale

It has not for me. I have a lowballer in town that bids commercial the same price as residential.](*,)

I agree Dale!
I just won a proposal that should turn into future work for me on future projects like this one! :slight_smile:

Gotta like that!


If you need an additional inspector on that commercial job let me know, I have an inspector in Ohio that can help you out.

Appreciate it Darren.
It’s IR work for this one.
It has some interesting green features on this one that we don’t typically see in this area yet! I’m looking forward to this.

Damn Bill----Right On…huge buildings…!!!