Easy commercial building inspections

Here is an example of profitable and simple commercial building inspections. Just shy of 20,000 square feet. Perfect size.

Very simple, can be completed in one day. Most buyers just want the major systems and components inspected. Being vacant there is nothing else to inspect anyway.



Inspecting two buildings like this per week a person can make more money than if they inspected ten 1800-2000 sf. homes at 625.00 each.

How sweet it is

Then add thermal

I love doing commercial…but there isnt a big market for it in Vermont. I get a few good ones per year. I would like to expand on the market a bit. What are you doing in that regard? How are you writing them up? What is your angle here.? Jeff Belrose, Belrose Home Inspection, belrosej5@yahoo.com or call 802-309-2648.


We’re having a five day commercial inspection course in July, Denver Colorado, then other cities after Denver.

If you’re interested in commercial work you may want to take the course, our goal is to show those interested in making great money working half the hours, exactly how to do it.

The building I posted is just an example of the property I inspected Friday, they’re all over the United States and Canada, hundreds of thousands of them for sale or net lease, someone will be inspecting them sooner or later.

This is the type I would like to inspect every day, their simple and pay well.

Dale, you coming to the northeast area sometime?