Mayweather vs McGregor

McGregor is gonna get the a*ss whipping he deserves…yep!

I despise Mayweather. I would love to see McGregor hand his butt to him in a paper sack, but I doubt it happens.

The only hope he has is a slug fest. Mayweather is the master of running so I dont see that happening.

Now if they fought in the cage McGregor would mop the floor with him.

Boxing stats…
Mayweather has an undefeated professional fight record of 49-0 with 26 knockouts.
McGregor Total fights‎: ‎0 Wins by KO‎: ‎0 Wins‎: ‎0…LOL!

After Mayweather wins maybe they will do part II in the octagon, I would love to see Mayweather get smashed.

I would love to see McGregor KO’ed…
He is a loud mouth bi*tch…LOL!

Yep, but hes actually a good person in real life. Cant say the same for FM. He aint worth shooting.

We know this is all about the money however it sure is good to ***** about it

Yep! Floyd will win, which is in the agreement, then they both go home richer than before.

It appeals to everyone. The black vs white and the boxer vs MMA. It’s a match made in money heaven.

I’ll put money on Mayweather if anyone wants to make a small bet on McGregor the foreigner.

I’m with you on that one but what round will Mayweather knock him out. It won’t be a TKO for sure.
I find it hard that it will be a decision

I’m with you on that one but what round will Mayweather knock him out. It won’t be a TKO for sure.

Mayweather will hide like the little ***** he is per usual. The bottom line is you can’t expect someone like CM to compete in this sport… Just like you can’t expect FM to get in the octagon. Regardless, they will make fat cash because we all love the drama…

In my opinion, this can be anyone’s fight. First, McGregor is use to being punched with MMA gloves (4oz) vs the Boxing gloves (8-10 oz).

Of the two, I think McGregor is the more aggressive. Mayweather has always been a more defensive fighter, timing his advances. McGregor’s aggressiveness may be his downfall.

Mayweather’s defensive history may win the bout for him. I suspect McGregor will come out guns a blazing wanting that critical knock out as in the ALDO fight of yesteryear. The longer the fight progresses the bigger the chance of Mayweather getting his opening and obtaining that knockout or TKO.

If it goes the distance I just don’t see McGregor winning on a decision.

I may be totally wrong, just my own opinion.

The only thing that is a certain is promoters and Pay-Per-View are going to make butt loads of money.