MB Tutorial

Since NACHI has developed this new MB, I’ve been seeing many members becoming frustrated over how to use all bells, whistles and icons throughout this MB.

Wouldn’t you all like to see some sort of tutorial posted by Chris, that’ll explain (in detail) “How to use and post on the Message Board”?

This is the old tutorial, but we need much more updated info…



Thanks David.

Good idea.

I have a bloody Masters in CS and still have trouble. :mrgreen:

Not many takers, huh??? Maybe most of you, that do know how the bells and whistles work, can enlighten the rest of us.

I’ll have Chris reply to this thread.

Hey guys–I’m in the CO office on my laptop right now, but once I get back to my Amherst office and my main workstation I’ll put up a few tutorials.


Sounds good! Thanks.

Thank you very much, Chris.

You’re the best.

Anything yet, Chris.

I’m still seeing Members having issues with posting.

He’s looking for the tutorial to post the tutorial:p


Did you get bloody from typing, er, keyboarding your digits to the bone? :wink: :smiley: