McCain changes tactics

No more discussions on policies. No more discussions on the issues.

Only misdirection.

Hmmmmm. This reminds me of something. Hmmmm. :mrgreen:

What could be next… Hmmmmm :mrgreen:

Oh that’s right… The next level.

Lighten up everybody. Let’s not ruin reputations and friendships discussing politics on a message board.

Best to all. :mrgreen:

Interesting how loudly the democrats squeal when Republicans start talking about Osama’s dangerous affiliations and his friends.

The Republicans must be “cutting meat” with each shot. It is about time the gloves came off and the American public knew that Obama wasn’t born in a manger.

Damn! The Chewbacca Defense how diabolical, Obama doesn’t stand a chance now. :mrgreen::p:mrgreen:

John McCain’s ads are LIES. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

I live near a minority neighborhood and you aren’t going to believe what I’m hearing…

The minorities are voting for Obama simply because he’s black. They don’t give a shi+ how inexperienced he is or what his true qualifications are.

We’ve got too many voters out there voting on color…what a disgrace.

Then it shouldn’t surprise you that many who post here are voting against Obama for the very same reason. What disgrace is there in that? :mrgreen::p:twisted::mrgreen:

No…I’m not surprised.

It’s simply a RACE campaign at this point. Screw the experience.

I’m not voting against Obama because he’s black, I’m voting against him because he’s a junior senator with no experience to lead this country.

I for one could care less what color he is.

He simply is wrong for this country and you know it.

You are simply voting against McCain and the Republican party.

Please correct me if that is not true.

Joe doesn’t want to discuss issues because he doesn’t agree with Obama on issues.

He has made his choice and all he can do is discredit the opposition to his protest candidate.

So on with the show.:mrgreen:

The list of Obama lies is HERE

If Obama tried to get a job where he had to have a security clearance like home land security, FBI, exc. would he be able to with his associations?

Not true, if that were the case McCain would be leading by a large margin, as a matter of fact if that really were the case Obama wouldn’t have ever won the Democratic primary in the first place.

It is numerically obvious that many white people have voted for Obama in the past and these people are planning to vote for him once again as president. It is`a very small mind who thinks this simply a matter of race.

Speaking of small minds…when’s the last time you seen psychiatrist?


Not recognizing that racist remarks are small minded is a symptom of, well… Small mindedness, I’m guessing it matches your manhood. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then Obama should win by a landslide, being that he’s mixed race. :mrgreen:

Major screw-up alert from the McCain/Palin Campaign! :shock: You have not experienced wrath as that which would be delivered to McCain/Palin Camp from senior citizens in Florida. :mad:

Rachel Maddow and Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Florida and McCain’s bonehead Medicare slashing!

It is really becoming quite overwhelming, now that the McCain Camp quit Michigan the public has caught a whiff of blood. This does not normally bode well for the candidate who is already behind & struggling.

More Polls Show Obama Ahead In Battleground States
By Eric Kleefeld - October 6, 2008, 6:37PM

A new set of polls from Rasmussen shows Barack Obama further dominating in key swing states – though McCain retains an edge in Ohio for this particular firm:

**• **Colorado: Obama ahead 51%-45%, with a ±3% margin of error. Last week, Obama had a narrower 49%-48% edge.

**• **Florida: Obama up 52%-45%, outside the ±3% margin of error. Last week, the two candidates were tied at 47% each.

**• **Missouri: Obama up 50%-47%, within the ±3% margin of error. Three weeks ago, McCain was ahead 51%-46%.

**• **Ohio: McCain with a 48%-47% edge, with a ±3% margin of error. Last week, McCain was up 47%-46%, pretty much the same as now.

**• **Virginia: Obama up 50%-48%, within the ±3% margin of error, not all that different from Obama’s 50%-47% lead a week ago.

All five of these states voted for George W. Bush in 2004, and all totaled they have 80 electoral votes. If John McCain were to lose even one from the Republican column, winning would become extremely difficult.

How many nails really need to go in the coffin before we can agree it’s sealed?

I don’t know, have you seen today’s market results? Failed Republican domestic & foreign fiscal policy coupled with laza Fare banking practices sink Wall Street & Main Street yet again. When will we learn? ](*,)

**Stocks Battered Again as Investors Look for Fed Rate Cut; Dow Plunges 500 as S&P 500 Hits 5-Year Low **](**http%3A//

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) – U.S. stocks on Tuesday declined for a fifth session straight, extending a sharp sell-off that has the major indexes trading at or near four-year lows, as investors found little relief in the Federal Reserve’s latest steps to ease frozen credit markets.