Me and Joe Settled it....Check it out

I guess some did not find it funny

Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy!

Now I know why I burned those records.

Thanks for the night mares Paul.

And now for the kicker starring Debbie and the Squinty eyed fuzzy little fat fella who was 4F never to be regular army!.

PS: Need a picture of the Bug fart wannabee home inspector from St. Louis!


EDIT: everytime I post something…Joe T ends up erasing what he posted in a reply. Whats wrong fella…If you cant say anything good about anyone why say anything at all…so here it goes…I LOVED the dress you wore when we did our dance…simply smashing fella…BRAVO!!!

Not at all this is lots of fun!

When I see this image I am reminded of you!

… and yet another question for Paul, when did you start dying your hair with what little you have left?

**PS: This picture reminds me of you Debbie Crawford, honestly, I am really turned on by you, your eyes, that always does it for me, I can tell a real person through their eyes! **

We have the same goals related to saving lives!

**Keyboard, no name bloggers are fun, but put them in the front on a live forum with me, and they will fail! **

I would welcome this opportunity some day lady, in the meantime say hello to the kid and his mom!

**Fat Fella BU and Bug Fart MF: **

Shut up this has nothing to do with you!

Nice hooker pic Joe. Whats she cost per hour?

Did you see Me and Joe on Broadway…Yes, I am the fat one playing basketball just to make it clear…:wink:

I am now mentally scarred.


You are pathetic…

Since you selected the Heading, what does this have to do with Electrical?

Electrical Contains discussions about electrical systems. This includes outlets, panels, wiring, et cetera.

About as much as this one:

SEnt to me by a friend! From Abernathy’s site?
Joe Tedesco

or This one…

It is getting to be very difficult to decide! (

1 2 )
Joe Tedesco

Never the less…Mario has asked me to let it go…I will honor that. However, I was attempting to make light of the recent events and kinda make a funny on us both and be done with it…I found it rather funny myself but thats my humor. Anyway you got it Mario…:wink:

I have no idea what you are referencing…
Business has been good… Do not check the Boards often…

What does your post have to do with Electrical?

Not Sure…I liked it…I would suggest a complaint be filed regarding my placement of a topic out of proper forum placement.

I will try to keep your higher standards next time…

Anyway…If you can’t laugh…I believe you do have the ability to block my username from your view…is that correct?


Give it a rest.

Hmm…I thought it was quite funny myself…heck I was in the thing also…no problem…lol