Ok.....I'm done with Tedesco...


 If you all want the man you can have him. I am tired of his lies and false information only to prop himself up to others. You would figure after being on this earth for nearly 80 years probably that he would have proped himself up enough without having to step on my back to do so.

I thank you all for the many years of allowing me to help you, if you felt my information was not helpful over the years I am sorry and consider it my effort to simply make you better at what you do...nothing more.

I have been accused of many things over the years but in recent days Mr. Tedesco has taken the cake. He is truly a spin doctor and is a master at twisting words but I guess thats what nearly 80 years get's you.

This will be my last post as I am moving on and letting Mr. Tedesco and his puppets have the floor and it appears his electrical knowledge is far superior to mine.....in his eyes anyway.

I began my teaching years ago with an single goal…to give of my time to help others, provide them with knowledge and learn myself in the process. I have always freely shared information, books, video’s and the like in an effort to make a student better as when it comes to education I fell no bounds are without reach.

I am simply tired of the games. The NACHI board is not the board I fell in love with a few years ago, granted their are some class acts helping on here like greg, speedy, mike and so on ( sorry if I left someone out ) and i am sure they will keep the facts straight…point is Mr. Holt would not have asked me to be in his DVD’s and prep book if he did not feel I know a thing or two about the NEC…but obviously I have to write a book to obtain idol status for some people.

Well I plan on doing that but it wont be geared to the same audience as some of the others because I think Mr. Stallcup, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Miller and Mr. Holt have it well under hand and their is no possible way I could put something together teaching the NEC like these guys. I understand they don’t know it all either but they all work together to make the best books they can…and they are great authors who really DO teach the NEC by showing you code and examples and not just pictures.

Yes, I am sure the responses will be great and please no one send the e-mails or PM’s asking me to stay…i don’t want to stay but I will miss all of you so I invite you to visit my forum from time to time and ask questions if you like.

If you had asked me a few years ago…do I think it would come to this point with the lies and false information spread about people…I would have honestly said no but the boards are much different these days.

Best wishes to you all…Those that are struggling right now…just hang in their as NACHI is the place to hang your hat…NICK does care about his member and he does a great job. With that I will ask that IF NICK reads this post…please have Chris delete my account and if possible all posts ever made by me…if not…enjoy them as most of them are to educate.

P.S. I am sure Joe and his puppets will comment…relax guys and let him vent…it will pass and i will have moved on and the end of this chapter will be over…I wont respond to this post…because i am done with his lies.


File a formal complaint with the ESOP Committee. He has been expelled before and can be expelled, again.

I think you have a good case, but their hands are tied without a formal complaint.

I never have liked Joe either and I have seen him post the same knowitall crap on other boards more electrical in nature. Paul is a class act and Joe is in it for the recognition and the money.

In his mind, nobody knows more than him.

I will miss your input on this forum, but will look forward to hearing from you on others.

Best wishes and I don’t blame you for leaving!

Paul, don’t leave. Your personality is what keeps you around here and we all enjoy it and look forward to it. You have been more helpful in explaining things without just giving us an NEC quote, which makes me think that you actually know the electrical work, not just the electrical reference.

Paul, one way that separates you from Joe at Nachi is with you being an inspector you’re able to answer questions that relate to what a home inspector is asking, not a code inspector or an electrician. Which has always been very helpful for me.

Yet another great asset to iNACHI, being run out from the likes of Tedesco. How many more do we have to lose before Nick steps up takes appropriate action?


Why are you allowing one individual to ruin your good times here on this board? If you enjoy hanging out here with the rest of us, then why leave?
Please grow another layer of skin and shake this off any-one’s behavior that bothers you. Here in Boston, we take care of our problems directly, we don’t walk away.

I’ve had individuals play their games and silly antics with me in the past and I simply ignored their behaviors and they eventually went away.

We need you here. You’ve helped so many of us answer our electrical questions. Please re-consider your decision.

Paul, I am not sure why you would punish the rank and file for one persons actions.

I am sure your anger gets the best of you as it does all of us.

We look forward to your informitive information that is easy to comprehend.

I recently had a supposed sacred member make up lies about me and what I said , for the simple act of telling him he is not G-Ds last word.

I am still here , and simply ignore the B-strd and his know it all posts.


This is not the way to go. There are many respected members here who are questioning why this person is still allowed to post here. At least 2 of them were on the Ethics Committee that made the decision to ban JT. I have corresponded with them and am waiting for a reply from the 3rd member, who I am told was the person to allow JT back in.

That initial banishment should have stuck but once JT was allowed back on the board, the fact that he posted his usual inflammatory garbage under a fictitious name and was caught by Chris, should have been enough to banish him once again…FOR LIFE. He and his ilk are not needed on this board. Sure we have arguments over politics and religion and other things but the personal attacks are not warranted.

Please put your self imposed banishment on hold until this is straightened out once and for all. :frowning:

Guys…I did say it was my last post BUT I have to respond because I dont want it to become a bash fest on Joe…

I do not wish for Joe to be banned or removed from the forum. While I do get into arguments i am just not that kind of person regardless of what he depicts…and I am no saint either…as their are members who feel the same about me which is fine…thats the great thing about our country…anyway…if only one person learns something from joe then it is of value to the members.

All I ask is this…Joe T…leave me alone…stop making up things about me and trying to effect my life for your personal gain…stop calling other educators and making up lies about me…you dont even know me and you don’t know anyone who does.

I thank you all for the support…I hear you…and I am always a call away or a different message board away so I would never leave you all hanging…just moving on from the antics here is all. Don’t get me wrong…I am part of those antics which is another reason I am leaving it and the reason I left it months ago.

This is a formal request to leave Joe T on the forum…he does have knowledge that can help you guys. Granted he needs to formulate it more towards home inspectors but knowledge and training is what it is all about…but allow him to help as normal as i do not wish to formulate any complaint…he has to live with himself and thats probably more punishment than any one man could ever live with.

That sucks.

The world is huge place. Ignore the little people.

a pimple on one’s a$$ does not stop one from sh!tt!ng…keep the rubber down…your 'bro from Texas…see ya on the flip side

Case closed! He was the one who started the issue, and I had his signature line removed!

Look here:

He was the first to post message #3 after I posted somethng for everyone to use.

Please stop the insults in the text of replies! I am still going to help people understand the electrical inspection process.

Joe T,

Herein lies a portion of the problem. There is animous between the both of you. Actually, there is animous between yourself and quite a few, based on the numerous complaints I have received about you on this latest incident.

As to having Paul’s signature line removed, yor did request it, and I passed that request on to Paul. He stated that he was relustant to remove anything,. as he believed his line contained facts. He requested that I have you remove disparaging comments that you made. I forwarded this request on to you.

Since that time, Paul had VOLUNTARILY decided to remove his signature line. InterNACHI had nothing to do with it.

As to allowing you back into the org (in response to Steve’s e-mail to me yesterday), just over a year had passed since your removal, you asked politely to be re-instated, and Nick and I agreed to allow you back in on a sort of probation.

Based on the e-mails and PMs I have received, many believe that this was a mistake.

I have to wonder why so many on this message board have such a hard time with you, Joe. You are certainly knowledgeable.

I think some self reflection is in order, and certainly there is nothing wrong with the occasional snipe between you and Paul is not only workable, but entertaining.

You both need to figure out how to get along. At this point in time, many believe that you need to be silenced, in favor of Paul.

At the very least, I’d like to see the crux of Paul’s complaint purged and explained. That being why his personal number was published on this board, and the reason a post was made regarding him falling out of favor with the City of Richmnond. I’d like to see these posts removed and an explanation for them being here in the first place; especially the second one which is certainly disparaging.

I removed my posts already, and the telephone number I posted was given to me by the City of Richmond Operator.

I think everyone should read all of the comments that were, and are still posted by him, those of which cannot be removed by me, the best way is to delete the entire posts here for this one, and here:


E-mail from who? What second post? Please point that out to me!

This is the only place where that number appears

this message #24 should be removed.


What would possess you to post the man’s phone number, given to you by the City of Richmond?

Also, why would you post that electricians in Richmond had Paul sent to the inside office, if this was not true?

Again, that number was supplied by the operator in that city. It was for contacting him for city business.

I think this is enough already!

Less than three months had passed before he was posting again. Was he “removed” again? I do recall a brief period where, I assumed, he chose to grace us with his absence - because he certainly can’t be told what to do.

With his “self-endowed” right to run and moderate this board, Joe is a cancer to this organization. He does more harm than good.

I agree. We cut him loose, once. The decision was obviously the correct one…it was letting him return that has proven to be the error.

Cut him loose. We do not need to take crap from people whose objective is to sell to us. Give him the “NACHI Stamp of Approval” on the seat of his pants and show him the door.