Just so you know who you are dealing with...


Felt you should know again who you are dealing with…Nothing More…

Got this message today…

You got booted! Hooray! you done a bad thing dude!

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant

NOTE: The above is openly viewed in public domain on my profile page on the visitors messages. These are openly viewed.

Again…why dont Mr. Farsetta and the others on the ESOP committee explain why I wont be posting anymore…just to set the record straight…no complaint was against me…they were against Joe T.

He is SUCH a dunce…sound better?..as normal he is laughing at you all…

NOW…I think you finally see who was telling the truth…he could not wait to post this also…the bait came out finally…

10/1/08 3:31 PM

You got booted good from NACHI you are a big fat cry baby!

SENDING the PM’s as requested by ESOP…WHY does he continue to contact me AFTER the fact…leave me alone JOE T

You boys and girls have yourself a REAL winner their…hold him tight everyone as your electrical saviour is well…lets just say I would never call and harrass members, call their office, cuss out peoples family on the phone…

call me a cry baby joe all you wish…you are a psycho !!! here is what I asked him over and over again in PM…things YOU people dont know…

Private PM Message to when he called me up…restricted his number this time but we have a block seperator on the city lines…so I answered it as we are required to do…low and behold he asked an obvious looped ended question based on the year or cycle being discussed…I said stop calling my city phone joe and he hang up…so when I got back I sent him the PM about the call…thats when he replied above proving he continued to call me and harrass me…

Note: This is NOT private material…It is MY reply and I approve this message.

Joe…Restricted does not work on city phones. NO Since you called the city phone your responses will be based on the 2005 NEC. No, bathrooms are not required to be on AFCI… but you knew that didn’t you…Leave me alone Old Man.


I hear ya Marc…do you PEE for him also…how about hold his hand also.


I agree with you that it is shameful that Tedesco is still allowed to participate on this message board. It reflects poorly upon the association and those who allow it.

If you were, indeed, expelled with no complaint filed against you (for you could hardly be accused of wrong doing in anything published, to date) you can be easily reinstated with an appeal. I, and many others, will support you in that endeavor to see that justice is done and not abused.

Just let me know.

NACHI can do what ever they wish…if they did it would be a inside job and I can guess who would make that call…I prefer to call it cowards…anyway I would not care either way…I hope those what WANT him get burned by him at some point so I can laugh my freakin butt off…and believe me I will.

P.S. I hope he does go to Iraq…Blood Money is flowing over their I hear.

The bunny, or Joe? :mrgreen:

OMG!! I watched that HS Musical clip. Too freakin’ funny!! I swear I laughed till I cried. Now I recognized “Joe-lene” but who’s the other guy?

aka Ms Sparky

WOW!!! This has gotten completely out of hand!!! Paul Abernathy is an asset to this organization, and an excellent resource to all, of his own free will and accord.

There seems to be many folks on here that claim to be able to do things with the proper complaint procedure followed. Thus, send me a PM outlining details, and I will file such a complaint to stop the harrassment for all members.

Also, include information on how to file a complaint about wrongly booting a USEFUL member off the board, and i’ll follow those instructions also. Everyone wants to add their 2 cents, but the ones who claim to be empowered stand by and allow this detrimental reaction to occur!!!

Paul was never booted, or he could not post .

lol…thats me Debbie…Yes…I am the FAT one.


You are pathetic…

Since you selected the Heading, what does this have to do with Electrical?

Electrical Contains discussions about electrical systems. This includes outlets, panels, wiring, et cetera.

about as much as me being an Animal Abuser does…:wink:

I have no idea what you are referencing…
Business has been good… Do not check the Boards often…

What does your post have to do with Electrical?

Then you need to refrain from commenting…I would suggest you contact Mr. Farsetta about the recent actions on the board in the past few weeks…Then you will understand.

Why would I need or want to contact Joe Farsetta?

The question you are avoiding is:
What does your post have to do with Electrical?

Mabe it it has to do with us getting a “charge” out of reading this :mrgreen:

because I felt like posting it…Got a problem with it Hagarty…If so…I suggest placing my username on IGNORE.


I would recommend you not post an image of your younger years Joseph…I can see however you do still drool…it will pass in time fella…I promise.