Meet Karen (New Offerings)


This is Karen from Contractor Office Pro. I’m the new GM on site and I wanted to personally give everyone a big shout out and let you know if there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email at anytime. I know Billy has kept you in the loop on services we offer and after much discussions we are now offering even greater opportunities such as extended after hours to include weekend support, 6 months (no interest financing), and the option to pick your own assistant or be assigned to a team of assistants. Please check below for our latest and greatest offerings.

I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you on a personal level and again any questions or help in general please feel free to call or email anytime. And as always keep in mind Billy gives out free home inspection business and website/logo/SEO advice and will even have you remote onto his personal computer and show everything he knows without asking for anything in return. So what you waiting for jump start your business with a professional staff who knows what it takes to sell the home inspection business. See below for the top reasons why you should choose us over everybody else!

Top Reasons To Hire

– One chance to impress! Missed calls equals missed opportunities
– Multiple assistants per client / Or choose specific personal assistant
– We cater to HI’s. All assistants trained by an actual home inspector
– All Time Zones Covered (Open 8-9 pm. Mon-Fri / Sat. 8-2pm Central)
– No set up fee & first 30 days FREE (No book Fee / No Monthly Charge)
– We have several answering service plans to fit your budget
– Packages start as low as $25 per month / $25 per booked inspection
– All calls are recorded and we record booked vs window shopper
– Business owned and operated by an actual Professional Home Inspector
– All clients will have direct access to the actual owner (phone or email)
– Total office solution! (We develop Professional Web Sites and Logos)
– Get 6 Months (interest free) financing on all Web/Logo packages

Visit us online at
View Packages at[COLOR=#0066cc]costofservice.php
Email Me Personally at:
Call us directly at (314) 805 2137


I have been talking with Billy and I am almost ready to sign up. I think I have just one more question. If one of my calls gets directed to you, what do you see on your end? Does my company come up on a computer screen with all of the pertinent info such as much schedule, pricing, and unique selling propositions?

Hi Karen. You can start by spelling InterNACHI correctly. Thanks in advance.



See my message attached. Yes sir we learn every detail you want to share with us! Look forward to treating your company just like we do our very own.



Once Billy fills me in on everything just think you will have two of us bugging you now :slight_smile: Look forward to helping everyone I can here at this great organization. Ever need anything call or email me anytime and NACHI has been corrected ;).

Karen, so that I might know how to respond please post a full body photo, preferably in something revealing. Thanks.

(Billy, if that’s you wife, disregard.) :mrgreen:

Excellent. Thank you.

Come on now Joe.
That is totally inappropriate.

You’re very welcome Juan!


Your options are unlimited.

You lack imagination! :wink:

Linas did it!

He said that was an employee.
Also that was why he was gone.
So should Joe be gone ?

Did what Peter?

Hi Karen,

I will be contacting you in about two weeks. welcome aboard.


Karen doesn’t work till Monday but I wanted to acknowledge your post and say we look forward joining your team when you’re ready. Have a great weekend sir!