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Post: Meet Karen (New Offerings)
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I had a similar problem last year with a non-member posting to my account. I ended up firing him.

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Is it against rules for members to sell a product ?

Years ago (and, possibly, still today), it would have been a major message board rules infraction for a member to give access to his “Members Only” account to a non-member. I think that this may be the infraction that Jeffrey is citing.

Absolutely not!

…But it is, (at least it was, who actually knows anymore), as Jim has stated… against the rules to allow a non-member to use a Members account to access the MB. They are required to signup for MB use the same that you, I, and everyone else has had to do. No exceptions!

Are you sure it was not Billy in a wig ?

Seriously though what if the member said Hi it is me and here are some words from my worker…?
That would simply be an intro of course
or he could say Hi ,my worker is next to me and says…

How would you know who is typing ?

How do I know Jeff is the OP and not his wife ?

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It’s really none of your business little man. It’s between Nick and me and God.:wink:

It is no different than multi-inspector firms. Each PERSON must be a member and have their own account. The company is not a member. That is why multi-inspector firms are given a discount on the membership fees.

Nick has confirmed that you may not share a user ID and password to post on the message board.

Simple issue. If she is going to post, she needs her own account. Since it is the “other” business that Billy is running, I would assume it would be a “vendor” member account.