Meet or Does Not Meet FBC Wind Mitigation requirements?

Here’s one for member dicussion:

Asphalt Shingle re-roof perfomed on a townhome in December 2003 - Final approval granted on permit issued 12/2003.

TPO membrane (fully adhered Polymer ) permitted and installed 1/2011. ASTMD standards associated with this product do not include ASTM D 3161 or ASTM D 7158.

Meets FBC Does NOT meet FBC?

Does it meet the TAS requirements?

Question: why would you even check this is a 2011 roof. Do you check the NOA on every roof that you inspect. How many inspectors read the NOA on every inspection they do?

Haven’t checked the TAS requirement - good call! I don’t check the NOA on every inspection - just when something is unusual or not seen before.

Turned out to be a mute point anyway - client cancelled the contract to buy the property. \