Melbourne IN Conference

Wow! What a lineup! What great information on so many topics! New skills I can implement immediately! New friendships made. Old ones refreshed.

We had some of the biggest rock stars in the industry at our disposal.

Best education and marketing money I have spent in years!:smiley:

I second that statement!

I 3rd that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Michelle and John and to all the vendors and everyone else involved in putting this all together. The amount and quality of information definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s almost impossible not to take the business to the next level after attending this conference. Every time you set one of these conferences up (and this was the biggest by far) I always leave knowing I got way more than my money’s worth. It was an incredible value.

Jerry posted on another thread that Michelle should be NACHI Member of the Year. I agree 100%. And John should be right there too.

Thanks again…I’m looking forward to the next one in West Palm Beach.

All for $149. Great show.

*“NACHI convention commercial” *
Pr-registration: $149 :stuck_out_tongue:
Hotel Room: $150 :cool:
Full tank of gas: $40 :neutral:
The knowledge & experience gained: ***PRICELESS! :mrgreen:

Just so everyone is aware… We have an App. for that!!!

Whether Michelle, John, or another deserving Member, now is the time of year to do something about it!!!

Deadline is December 10th !!!

Thanks, Jeffrey.

I see they’ve already been nominated…

…is there a way to vote or do we just use the application you linked to?

They have my vote:D

Membership voting will take place after the December 10th deadline for submissions.

Stay tuned!!!