InterNACHI's 2011 Convention.

That looks awesome! Thanks Nick, for all of the support!

I was thinking how good it looked as well :slight_smile:

Built on our InspectorPages platform. Need a great inspection website? Visit $15/month. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I was going through membership database today, looking at all the members who don’t have a website or a have an ugly one… and I started weeping.](“”)

Don’t be sorry, one of the many reasons I joined Nachi

Here is the others:

Im in. Looks like a good time.

A snail mail invitation is going out by USPS to all FL members tomorrow.

Thank You! Nick and Chloe! :slight_smile:

As an added bonus, I will give anyone who attends the October meeting, the FLHII(Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors) version of my fill able 1802 form with click to insert images. Here is an example(obviously not all fields work properly in the example).

I can’t wait for the convention, need to see if the wife can come along.
I’m going either way, see you all there.

We are sending out these invitations tonight to all of the home inspectors in Florida. Are you registered yet?

InterNACHI Florida

We are sending out the attached invitations to every home inspector in the State of Florida tonight. Are you registered yet?

InterNACHI Melbourne

Looks great!

Agree 100%!

I will be giving a wind mit questions and answers session at the conference.

Every attendee will get a hard-copy of the all new, 2012 International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.

Wish I could make it…Cub scouts again

Home Inspector Pro Software & Website Training October 29th @ Melbourne Conference!

[FONT=Georgia]Dominic Maricic, owner of Home Inspector Pro will be doing a training session on Saturday from 1 to 5pm. He will be going over:
How to use Home Inspector Pro for residential, commercial, mold, 4 point and other [/size][/FONT]
Showing off all the new features in the soon to be released Home Inspector Pro 3.0
Discussing the new Android & iPhone programs
How to edit your Home Inspector Pro website
[FONT=Georgia]Answering any other questions you guys might have on Home Inspector Pro software or Websites

Please help me welcome our latest vendor!! Catherine Hall of 203K in a box

203k in a box FHA Consultant Training System The fastest way to success as an FHA consultant.

Catherine Hall is the author and creator of the 203k in a box system. She is one of the nation’s leading FHA consultants and is honored to be an advisor to FHA with regards to the 203k Program. Catherine mentors and coaches consultants from all parts of the country and has the privilege of having several lenders indicate that 203k In A Box trained consultants are their primary choice for consultants for their borrowers.

11 boxes of door prizes were shipped to you today Michelle.