Melbourne Conference

I told Michelle Shishilla what a “GREAT JOB” she did in putting it all together. It is nice to here a small statement from such a thankless job. Lets all send her a big THANK YOU>


Ditto’s here…I wish I could have made the conference but I’m glad it was a success!

Cudo’s to everybody behind the scenes as well!

Sorry I did not make it but maybe next time.

Need to get down to central Fla sometime this winter anyhow.

Let us know when you come on down. I will buy you a beer and dinner!

You got a deal.

John and Michelle worked their asses off and made this a super conference! Great job, and Thank You two!

Thank you so very much everyone. It was a really great successful weekend! The kind that can help you get energized and pumped up!!

John and I enjoyed planning this conference and are looking forward to many more!! Who is up for West Palm in January for our next quarterly chapter meeting?

P.S. don’t forget Radon Training in Melbourne in January… I’ll post sign up forms later for those who missed Terry or Jason from Radalink.


Another Great Conference. John and Michelle, you guys know how to put on a conference and bring in the people who can make our business grow and expand. See you guys at the next one. Thanks.

I had an awesome time, just goes to show that bigger is not always better:D:D
A BIG thank you to Michelle and John for setting this up as well as all the venders and Nick and his crew as well
Nachi rocks

See you in Jan. for the Radon class, first round is on me.

WHAT? :shock:
I where was my beer & dinner? :frowning:
The convention was fantastic, it’s great to put a face behind the post.
The experience & the information gained was PRICELESS!
Looking forward to the next 1! :smiley:

Thank you to everyone who helped put this spectacular event together. I had a blast meeting everyone. The food was great, the vendors were awesome and the speakers informative and best of all it was all worth it to see Nick and Russ give each other a big hug ! :smiley:

Great Job everyone !

Great job as usual from John and Michelle.

What you went ???

I was there; for about 4 hours on Saturday :wink: sorry had to come back down South, just went up to spend sometime with Nick and meet some people I have had good conversations with in the past but never met. Upon meeting them though, I could not help but feel like I should have done so much sooner. John and Michelle Shishilla what a class act, great job–Better people, and Greg Bell what a great guy!!! I met other inspectors and they all struck it really well with me, We have a great community of inspectors in Florida (Citizens doesn’t know what they are missing).