Member of the year

Do not forget to nominate anyone you think deserving of member of the year

I nominate Mike Meeker.

Good choice Nick, I second the nomination. He’s a straight forward guy.

Thanks guys I appreciate it and have tried to help a lot of guys around here.

Also whenever I am on the news or in the newspapers or talking to folks I always suggest InterNACHI inspectors if the client chooses someone else.

For some reason I get folks contacting me from around the State and Country. Just the other day it was Arkansaw and I always recommend they find a fellow InterNACHI member if I do not find one for them myself.

I am also a two time Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award winner.

I would love to get the honor.

Is there a place “link” where we can see who is nominated and do we “regular members” get to vote?

Here are some links I found

Yes after the nomination process. Nominate here

Thanks for the info.