I have accepted a seat on the Atlantic Canada Home Inspection Advocacy Group.

We’re working on home inspector licensing. We had our first meeting last week. I’ll keep everyone posted here as we move along.

Good move thanks Nick

What? Glad to have you reppin me Nick. It’s crazy to say, but I had no idea licensing was even going to be a thing here. There’s really no association or anything outside of this forum to find out anything about the local inspection issues. So as Nick always says; I heard it here first.

Are there anymore details about this online? I couldn’t find anything.

Nothing online yet. InterNACHI gave them InterNACHI’s SOP (no copyright claim) as a starting point (to tweak) so as to create their own SOP, one that can then become a public domain document.

This resolved the CSA SOP which has a strictly-enforced copyright making it unusable for our industry.

I don’t know if they’ll accept InterNACHI’s offer or not.

Wayne, apologize to Nick at once unless rippen is a slang meaning very good.

Nick Gromicko will contribute to the Canadian industry like no other and be fair!

Wayne, I do not want to divulge too much or I might be forced to take my own life BUT, I have sworn to defend the association and Gromicko family and honor until death, and Wayne, to eradicate non believers including their families.
I will leave it at that for now. I hope you understand.:wink:

Great work Nick!
Keep us updated.

Nick, who are the Atlantic Canada Home Inspection Advocacy Group?
What recognised home inspection industry names are there among this advocacy group besides yours?
Have any of them achieved any degree of notoriety in the industry?

Lobbing is a good thing but so are high profile names to back up licensing proposals.
I hate the thought of licensing period!

Learn how to read.

Two Executives from two Boards of REALTORs.
Two Guys from CAHPI.
Two from InterNACHI (Jeff LeBlanc and me).
One other.


Oh Boy!!

Congrats Nick

Learn how to read without bias and hate and bring your bewildered friend with you. I think his name is DUH!!!
No funny bones in unfunny people.Ha ha ha.

Thanks, Nick.

Great you have executives from the Boards of REALTORs.
Not sure if I know Jeff LeBlanc.
Sure he must be a great guy if you picked him.

Wishing everyone much success.