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Posting a negative YELP review about a business because a business owner didn’t like your product is beyond any sense of ethical behavior.

Even if you happen to disagree with the initial video, two wrongs do not make a right.

Either way, I know which product I’ll never buy. I don’t need that kind of drama.

So the message from the vendor is that if you purchase his product, don’t like it and say something about it, he will publicly attack your professional reputation in retaliation for your negative review, though he was never a consumer of your services. This act is definitely sending a message to would be purchasers (his comments are still visible in Yelp as I write this).

It would be interesting to hear how the issue was cured with the new model as there is no real mention on the website of a fix or even a problem. I discussed the issue with the vendor some years ago and was told that there was an option where I could purchase an upgrade that would use mineral oil instead of RV antifreeze. This was supposed to alleviate the need for constant maintenance, flushing and refilling due to bubble formation in the lines. I opted not to spend more money on the unit.

BTW: I have a used DLS and I’m willing to accept offers for it, unless the manufacturer is offering free upgrades to existing owner members.


People aren’t idiots. If I look for a review, I pay attention to the model I am looking at purchasing. There are still reviews for flip phones from the 90’s online. Those reviews have nothing to do with the current phones. People are smart and figure that out.

The BLACKMAILER may have a new model out but that doesn’t mean the old model still isn’t around. There could be people thinking about buying a used unit. Do you think home inspectors only buy new equipment?

So what? It’s not even about the product anymore. It’s about the company. If I was John, I’d make a new video about what a crooked company it is, and post that on YouTube.

So, what exactly is the “beef” that Nick has with John?

John is a long term, well respected member (by the veteran Members) who frequented the MB’s often. A couple of years ago, some crap went down over John’s vendor status, and now he very rarely posts anymore.

And now Nick is pulling this crap!

I have no beef with John. I don’t ask people I have a “beef” with for favors. The vendor explained that the old video is harming him because it is referring to an older model.

The vendor has one product. He created it himself. It’s his baby. He’s proud of it. He improved it many times over the years. Much like John did with his one product that he created for the inspection industry.

So then ask him to send John a new model to test out and review online. That should have been his first move-not blackmail.

And that excuse his behavior for acting in revenge?

Not in my view.

Next you will be telling us Robert H. has really neat product and is completely trustworthy.

He made many moves already. Asking me for help is just another (probably should have been his first).

These two vendors are similar in that they created an interesting, unique product for the industry. For each of them, their product is their baby.

Nick, this could have been handled much differently.

You stuck your neck for this guy and now you see that others don’t agree with you.

His product may be fine. His ethics are another question.

Done. It ships the second the obsolete video comes down. I’ll have no complaints about a video review of the current model. Such a review would be very beneficial for our members.

He’s naturally frustrated. And similarly to the way John likely feels about his newsletter product (which wasn’t originally perfect), is proud of his invention. It’s his baby. It got personal because it is personal. Let me unwind it so we can re-focus on the product.

I think my proposal is reasonable as is the order:

– Mike takes his stuff down (it shouldn’t have ever been posted). Mike already took it down at my request.

– John takes down the obsolete unintentionally-deceptive video review of a model that no longer ships (as it is unfairly harming the vendor’s sales of his improved model).

– Mike will then ship a current model that John can review for us.


I want to to thank everyone that participated in this discussion. The wisdom of the membership is still strong here. I’ve not come to the message board in a while but only because I’ve been building a pest control company in Houston, BUGCO Pest Control]( have been preoccupied of late. Nice article about it here.

I’ve decided to take the video down because my friend Nick Gromicko asked me to. Since we’ll be sharing space in Colorado soon, I don’t want to piss him off (grin)! The website will take a hit for losing a performing video but I can understand why Mike East feels strongly about the issue. He never explained that the product has been changed and improved, he was too emotional I suppose.

There is always something to be learned by experiences like this and this has to do with customer service and empathy. I should have been treated like Mike’s customer, instead, I feel like I was approached as his enemy. I’m pretty sure he was about ready to come to my house to try to beat my @ss lol. For my part, I should have had better empathy and understanding for Mike’s situation. NACHI members had good points on both sides of this issue except that hard @ss Marine Jimenez reminds me of myself back in the day! Haha.

It’s good to know I can continue to learn here at InterNACHI and that I still have wise and supportive friends here on the message board. In fact, it kinda seems just like old times! Thanks again for your help on this guys!

Oh and I totally got Barry’s post, although it looks like he may have taken it down. That was funny Barry!

So, using YOUR logic, more than half of the Nachi website should be taken down, as much of it is old, outdated links to stuff that no longer, or NEVER HAS been available!

Your words… not mine!

Good on you, John. Nice to see you back, albeit it for this thread only.

Good morning all,
Thank you Nick for graciously granting me access to this forum so I could respond.

First off everyone please visit my new site there are several free aids there for home inspectors regardless of who’s levels you use, free charts, graphs, what the data means, etc.
See specifically:

And enter promotion code: InterNachi for free shipping should you decide to order!
Our new level is so simple even a child can use it!!

This is Mike East owner of Digital Leveling Systems, now Smart Leveler.

The video John posted is on an older model level that has been discontinued. I sold approximately 14,000 of these levels in the 17 years they were in production. They have been used by everyone from the US Army Corp of Engineers on a .5 billion dollar dam project to home inspection, foundation repair, general construction, etc. I have countless satisfied customers. There was some maintenance required to keep this model working properly. This was clearly stated and still is on the old web site. I had very few problems with educated customers but did have some folks that simply couldn’t figure out how to service the level, mostly emigrant workers that had trouble with English. That’s why the 800 number is clearly printed on the display. John never bothered to call he simply posted a very negative misleading video.
I politely emailed John two months ago and told him if he had a problem he should talk to me about it and politely ask him to remove this misleading video. He did not respond. I called John back this week and he told me he didn’t have time to talk and told me to call him back in an hour. I did and when I ask him to remove the video he laughed at me.
This misleading video has been up for 2 years and been seen by over 3000 folks. If John had posted a video like this about your business what would you have done?

Most sincerely,
Mike East
cell 615-707-4476

Mike i bought this level a few years ago is the new one better because i stopped using the old one?

It appears that “commonsense” has prevailed.

Thank you for all that you do for your InterNachi members. You could have stayed out of this and let John and Mike “fight it out” but you took time from your busy day managing The world’s largest home inspectors association to try to help settle a dispute that would not affect your in any way, shape, or form.

Once again want to thank you for all that you do for your membership.

Warmest regards, Frank:D

Thank you John. I owe you one.