Smart Leveler offers an InterNACHI discount code.

The Smart Leveler is now only $299.50 for InterNACHI members which is $50 off our regular price of $349.50.

Use the promo code: “InterNACHI” without the quotation marks.

This promotion won’t run long so act now.


Still waiting for them to come through on the promise to upgrade the older units that have all of the problems with bubbles at a discount back when they were DLS. Haven’t used mine in years because I spent more time purging, flushing and filling it and disposing of old antifreeze than using it. My experience with the product and vendor followup has been less than stellar.

Seems there was an incident where the owner posted a false negative review about John Onofrey because he didn’t like what John said about his product. It’s all right there in the threads.

I couldn’t agree more with Chuck. I bought two as backups (we use ziplevels). I got rid them a couple months after I got them due to the archaic method of zeroing the reader (with a screwdriver), one would thing it wouldn’t that hard to add a button to zero the digital reader. The guys I sold them to tell me bubbles keep forming in the lines and they are purging the units all the time. I wouldn’t recommend this…