Memorable Inspection(s)

What has been your most memorable inspection?

Like have you done any for famous people or well known organizations?

I am doing one tomorrow for the Cleveland Browns organization. I have done a few in the past for a player and recently did one for ther new Holgrem regime.

I am looking forward to it as I love my Browns!!

I have done several for attorneys, football players, and agents themselves. One stands out that I did for a gentleman who had no idea about a home, since he always traveled. He was settling down here in KC. He enjoyed learning, not only about homes, but the one he was purchasing. His job; Head soccer coach for KC MLS team.

I did an inspection once on a high two story house with a very steep roof. I had just decided that it was too dangerous to walk on it so I went back to my truck to get my binoculars. I had already set up my ladder to check out the eaves. When I returned to the house my client had already climbed the ladder and was jumping up and down on the highest part of the roof to see how “solid” it was. Trying to keep my voice as calm as I could, I yelled up at him to “slowly return to the ladder and carefully return to the ground” After he did, I explained to him how my insurance wouldn’t cover him if he did go through the roof or fall down the ladder and then he told me he can’t get any life insurance anyway because of the business he is in. Apparently he was “Flying Bob” and has a high wire act. I told him on my watch he is just Bob the buyer and if he pulled something like that again he would be Bob the buyer without an inspector.

flying bob.jpg

So did you climb the roof after that? :slight_smile:

No, I just asked him what he saw while he was up there

About 12+ years ago, I did an inspection for Michael Moriarty’s (early Law & Order principal actor) ex-wife. I had heard he was living in Halifax. After meeting her, I then knew why he would move from LA to here!!

BTW, later ended up doing inspections for her brother and parents!

Just did an inspection with a former Chi Bears wide receiver who has a pretty good claim to his name.


I didn’t do it however a local home inspector here did a inspection for rapper “Nelly” and then Nelly turned around and sued the home inspector if I recall right.

Inspected a home for one of the 1985 Chicago Bear Super Bowl Team. Nice house, never met the football player though. Drat. My client did purchase the home and lives there now!

Did one for one of the Blue Angels, Navy Flight Demonstration Team member. He gave me a couple of posters of the Blues flying over NYC from an above angle and right below is the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

I did an inspection earlier in the year for a notable NFL attorney. He was on CNN yesterday supporting Cam Newton (Auburn’s QB). I would mention his name here but his spouse (soon to be ex-spouse) was caught in an affair with a prominent local judge which resulted in his resignation (judge is notable as well since he was on the CBS Survivor show). Gotta love local politics :slight_smile:

I inspected 2 homes next door to each other that were each in the $3-$4 mil range. Buyer owned and pharmaceutical company and aircraft manufacturing company. He sent a representative to pick 2 homes he might like so his guests had their own place to stay when they came to visit. 1 of the homes was owner by a famous Chicago Pizza restaurant entrepreneur and featured an indoor pool house.

Very cool places and people.

I would love to inspect the Playboy Mansion one of these days!!

Here is the picture of the Browns facility from the roof of there perspective property.

It was somewhat sad today (raining) as yet we lost another one yesterday.

173710 013.jpg

I inspected a home that was purchased by Joel Zumaya the relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers earlier this year.

I did one for a beer distributor. He loaded my truck with a couple cases of specialty ales.:smiley:

Last year for Gord Downey of The Tragically Hip, spent 2 hours with him and his family before realizing who he was. Duh!!:roll::roll: They returned and bought $3,000 worth of lawn furniture this past summer and handed me 6 tickets to see him and his new band in Ottawa.
Inspected the house Martin Gerber (One time Ottawa Senators goalie) no big deal.
Installed granite in Mike Fisher’s kitchen 2 years ago. (Ottawa Senators)

Living in southern california you come in contact with numerous stars of the movies and sports or writers and producers.My first movie star inspection was a 10,000 sq. ft house with pool and tennis court.I never met the actor but his wife was very nice.I found 2 of the 3 consolidated furnaces in the attic were recalled .They felt they got there moneys worth and even though it took 6 hours to do the job I made $1500.00 for the inspection.Ive never had a chance to do another one that size but this job is one of the greatest jobs in the world.8 years and still finding new ways to more business.Never let a day go by without thinking of another way to reach your goals and it will happen and happen big.