Mentor Wanted - Ottawa Ontario


I have just completed the Home Inspector Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa Ontario, the OAHI Defect Recognition and the basic WETT course and I am now looking for a mentor to tag along with to observe some practical inspections and learn from their wisdom. I am thinking of starting my own business some day but I would like to observe a pro in action doing the technical inspection and customer relations before I jump into business.

Is there anyone willing to do this sort of thing?

Should I expect to pay for a ride along and if so what is reasonable?

Thanks for any advice.


Barry Relf

Check for a Certified Master Inspector in your area. He may take you under his wing for the first 25 Inspections that you will need under your belt. After that you should be able to decide your next move.:smiley:


The CMI designation, like all things NACHI, are merely a profit maker for Nick Gromicko. There are no doubt a few good inspectors among the CMI ranks, but of those I have encountered, most were certified based on whether or not their cheque cleared.

If you want to work with a mentor who actually knows how to inspect houses, contact me and I will connect you with some experienced and honestly qualified Ottawa inspetcors.

Bill Mullen

As per usual Bill loves to blow his horn on the NACHI site .
He is extremly jealous of NACHI and say’s he is not comming back.
But as per usual Bill’s word is worth little and here he is again.

Sure you can get someone like Bill Mullen if you want an Inspetcors.
They all know how to sppell wel.
Certified Master Inspectors have earned the right according to the Trade Association.
The designation is the Highest in Canada.

Canadian Government Awards Certified Master Inspector Trademark


Change your flavour of Koolaid. The CMI ‘designation’ never has and never will be legitimate until some real, actual checks and balances are in place. Right now the only requirement for getting the CMI designation is that your cheque clears, and it’s been that way since it started.

“Highest in Canada” ??? The only thing high about the CMI is that some peope actually think they can buy experience.

Give your head a shake. INACHI and everything related to it is a huge scam on ispectors and the public. It makes nice money for the Gromicko family and their loyal sheep.

Bill Mullen

Bill can you please at least spell right. It does not look good for you being a so called Professional and you can’t spell Inspector.
CMI allows RHI and InterNachi along with others that qualify.

Bill Mullen is a person who can not keep his word he Lies frequently and attacks others who do not follow his methods .
. So please do look close to what he says and does he is for Bill all the way… Roy

.Much of waht he says should be taken with lots of salt

Bill are you taking over for Brian MacNeish? :mrgreen:

Hi Brian! I miss you! :mrgreen:

so has anyone given any thought to answereing this Man’s question…obviously in Ohio I have no dog in this hunt but the guy just asked for some advice…

Looks like the person Is a OAHI/CAHPI member .
Bill Mullen is an OAHI member
Do you think we at NACHI should be encouraging those OAHI members who continue to Attack NACHI on the NACHI forum should be allowed to push their association on the NACHI forum
This leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see this happening .
You thoughts please … Roy

James you need to read post #2
Best advice he can be given.:smiley:

sorry Kevin I neglected Your post and just got caught up in all the garbage that followed…I will return to my own country now…carry on…

Please Kevin we welcome you and others .
Your thoughts and questions are welcome .
I would not be upset to see the constant attacks on NACHI and the NACHI members to end .

Thanks … Roy

You can find a CMI for ontario here
Then call them to see what they will do, also what fee will be imposed.
The average fee is starting around 50.00 per inspection.
Be prepared to complete your own inspection along the way and to have your CMI read and advise your wording and presentation.
The CMI is one of the only inspectors that can sign off for you in Alberta, this may be the case in Ontario as well over the next year so you might as well get into the swing with a able and educated inspector.

The venom from Mr. Mullen has been spewed for years, but in reality both CMI, RHI, CMHI ALL MUST COMPLETE EDUCATION minimums that are basically the same in time and knowledge. The problem is OAHI members have been unfortunately lead to believe that all other inspectors are inferior.
Make some calls and find a mentor that fits your schedule and style that you get along with. 25 inspections will be a few months to complete.
Kudos to you and the best to you and your endeavors.

Thanks for the feedback …



Congratulations and Welcome!

As a CHI, CMI, PHPI and NHI in no specific order, I will gladly have you as a ride along but rules apply (French is optional)…

Au plaisir,