Looking for a CMI for job shadowing / Test Inspection

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a CMI who would be willing to:

  1. Let me job shadow him for a couple of days
  2. Allow me to perform a test inspection, and then sign off on it, as
    required for new Alberta provincial licensing.

Are there any CMI’s in Southern Alberta (Calgary included) who would be willing to help me out? If interested, please let me know what your fee would be.

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Hi Dustin. We have Test Inspections scheduled this weekend in Red Deer. I have one spot left on Dunday at 4:00pm if you’re interested.

Email me at mghoward@live.ca and I’ll provide you with the details.

I can not help you as I am too far away .
Information for you and others .
.I have done mentoring for many years and one or two trips will not give you the knowledge to be a successful home Inspector .
I recommend at least 20 trips and more if you can get them .
I charged $50;00 and that included the tax receipts given for all trips .
This gives you a tax deduction and proof of inspection
I have found it takes about one hour more per inspection .
I am no longer doing Mentoring but Skip is .
This is an extremely hard industry to succeed in and the more knowledge you have the better your chances are of succeeding .
I am always open to phone calls for assistance or emails two calls today and three emails . 705-999-1030 .


Great advice and insight - thanks Roy!

If anyone is willing to mentor me, please give me a shout!

Thanks Mike - I sent you an e-mail… I think I’ll need to find a mentor first and take the test later on in August.

Some of the men on these boards go above and beyond, they truly are fantastic, there are others that are slammed on these boards, and rarely ever participate now, that are also of the same calibre as Roy and Robert who are always helpful, and word has come to me that I have been offered mentoring by one of them, an honour that I really should check into before the offer disappears!
I have quite a heavy learning schedule right now, but cannot let the mentoring offer down, this to me will be one of my biggest opportunities so far.

I wish there was more that offered mentoring, for those that really want it.

Go to http://ab.nachi.org/cmialbertachapter/ for a list of CMI trained to do InterNACHI’s peer review. It is a one on one review. On successful completion of the test you will be entitled to use CCHI. Only those people That have successfully completed this test can use the CCHI and our review has been approved by the Government.

Mr. Cooke is giving you the best advice possible.
Short cuts give the client short results.
Not implying you are not a HI with more that 25 fee paid inspections.
I am pointing out the obvious.
A plant can ask for short cuts and go running back to the minister showing INACHI or the CMI and peer review process is tainted…
All Vern’s hard work and efforts for naught.

Also take a look at Youtube, and home inspections. While I wouldn’t say it is a perfect mentoring tool, there are some good videos there which will no likely offer some info that one could use.