Merry Christmas!

And good luck to everyone today. Have fun!

Back at ya

LOL. Merry Christmas Frank.

Merry Christmas Frank!

There’s Santa’s A S S took you a while :mrgreen:

Merry Christmas, Frank! Is that you dressed up as Santa?? LOL

you too Frank, Merry Christmas be safe and everyone Happy inspecting for the New Year.

Frank - nice “selfie” …

The classic mirror shot.



Having fun yet?

Yep. You?

Oh yes :slight_smile:

This is always a fun day!

I just waiting for someone to post their name and address here.:slight_smile:

Here ya go! :slight_smile:
Dave Fetty
Naples Florida
Merry Christmas! :grin:


LOL thats creepy!

michael clark
1292 Evergreen Road
Frazier’s Bottom, WV 25082

How’s that? :mrgreen:

marry christmas