Merry Christmas everyone!

Today is Christmas for those that follow the Orthodox Christian calendar.
Merry Christmas one and all!:smiley:

I still never got my horse food, Dave! Did you run out, or is the mail slow?

No they were all shipped, I will make another batch and get you a package in the mail asap;)

I got mine and enjoyed every bit of it that night. Thanks Dave:D

What is this "Horse food " you speak of? Is it like the Puppy chow , made with the chex cereal , peanut butter & powdered sugar?

I made some Hooty Hooo’s Troll Mix (nuts and M&Ms) for The Christmas party and gave it away to members who showed interest and provided their address.

Don’t put yourself out, Dave, you’re a good man, and I do appreciate the thought.

There’s a business across the street who takes packages for me sometimes (my dog won’t let the UPS guy in the fence). I’ll check with them over there.

If they ate it, there’s gonna be some arse kicking going on! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. You are a good guy Dave. I hope you’re all staying warm today …

*Mystery solved Mike!
[RIGHT]I will resend it ASAP please send me your address again.:smiley:[/RIGHT]


Ahhh, the Address is backwards.

Should be “6424”


haha! At least the dog didn’t eat it.

I’ve had UPS and Fed EX guys just chuck packages over the fence!

Not sure if the dog would eat it, but so far he hasn’t shown a preference…:neutral:

I must of been thinking of the Cheetah :mrgreen::shock:

It happens…:mrgreen:

cheetah gal.jpg

Grrrrr ;-):D:D