Message Board Selection Bug

Hey folks,

I know the selection bug on the message board has been driving everyone crazy. We’re working hard to find a full solution, but the problem arises from some obscure CSS bug in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (MSIE) Web browser and it’s taking quite some time to pinpoint it (it’s the result of a number of factors—no single thing is causing it).

In the mean-time we’ve released a “Minimal” message board design. Not only does this design solve the MSIE selection bug, but it also allows our members to utilize more screen space if they find the new NACHI design takes up too much message board space.

To switch to this new “skin” simply scroll to the bottom of any message board page and change the “NACHI Full Design” drop-down menu to “NACHI Minimal Design.” To make the change permanent, use the following steps:

  • Click “Control Panel” in the upper right-hand corner of any page
  • Click “Edit Options” on the left of the page that comes up
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page
  • Change the “Forum Skin” from “Use Forum Default” to “NACHI Minimal Design.”

You can always switch back to the main design (or even NACHI’s old Web site design) whenever you want.


Thanks Chris!


I like the legacy design. It gives that old feel with a new look!


You the man. Great fix. Thank you kindly.

Jay said…

Good choice Jay. I’m also in favor of the legacy design. It feels just like the old board with an upgrade.

I’m happy with this option.

Me too! Looks and feels good, kind of like Pam Anderson I bet.