Testing some changes to the forum's look and feel

Hi all,

We’re working on a new forum theme that will make it match the rest of NACHI.ORG a bit more than it does right now. If anyone would like to try the new theme out a bit before it goes live, you can go to the bottom of any page and pick the “InterNACHI 2016 - Interim” theme. Let me know if y’all find any bugs!


Is this in lieu of fixing the bugs that already exist?
Will those same bugs exist with the new “theme”.
Just wanting to know what to expect.

Post any bugs you see and we’ll try to fix them. As far as I know, all the issues that we had when we upgraded have been resolved. If they haven’t been, let us know here.

There are bugs that exist from long before the latest update. I have posted about them a few times, and they are basically ignored. I know there are a couple of threads discussing this, but good luck using the search to locate them.

Ok… Here’s probably the biggest PIA I (currently) deal with… uploads… I am constantly getting errors when trying to upload pics from my computer, and my browser has to close. This sux when I am attempting to help someone out, and often after I type a long response, which I lose in the process. I am getting to the point of not helping anymore because of the difficulties with this MB. I am on many other MB’s , and this is the only one I have issues with, so don’t say it’s my computer or that I use IE. I am always current/up to date on my programs, so don’t go there either.

I prefer the minimal version by far to all other options, including the InterNACHI 2016 - Interim. They all have way too much white space, and the InterNachi links at the left side bar are annoying,

Ditto that, but I am also okay with the 2008 version also as I don’t have to click-click to find the stuff in the left margin (which isn’t that often). Worse part of 2013/2016 is the 4 inch wide left margin (1/4-1/3 of the screen) that scrunches everything else on the page. I assume it is because of Mobile devices, but something must be able to be done about it.

Chris I will check it out and share my opinion once I get the chance.

I do have a great idea while you are tweaking things.

      Make it so when we our on an android "all I care about"  :) we can take a picture and then hit share and one of the options would be the InterNACHI Forums.

        Like we can do on facebook and most other social media.

I believe a great many more folks would post pictures and questions from the field if it was not such a hassle and greatly enhance our forums.

        Just my 2 cents and if I can be of any help just let me know.  Good luck and thanks for all the hard work you do.

The wide margin (white space) is on left And right side on my computer, though less wide at right side. still a waste of space. Which as you said scrunches the actual message board.

I agree with Jeff and Christopher. The 2013 and 2016 versions scrunch everything up and have huge white borders. I like 2008 best.

I agree.

I agree.

I vote for 2008 version.

Another photo related issue… when clicking on posted photos… sometimes it expands and opens and allows clicking through the pics if more than one, but more often then not, it simply expands and goes gray without opening or allowing to forward through the pics.

I would post screen shots for you… but the MB won’t let me!!!

Can we fix the search function???

Can you explain what you mean?

How about video embed?

2013 looks best on my phone browser.

I can’t speak for others, but I’ve often found that using Google to search for items on this forum works better than the forum’s search tool.

The only thing that will “fix it” is people getting a clue how to make a thread TITLE!!! “What is this” as a title will never allow anyone to be able to find anything in any search feature on any website!

Hell… I even have to “click and drag” smilies, or use the associated code, to get them in my posts.

Yes, it says that “Smilies are On” in the box at the lower left.

No issues with 2016 for me. :smiley:

Another person having trouble posting pic’s… https://www.nachi.org/forum/f58/infrared-inspection-breaker-panels-114393/

I agree, but that is not the only problem… pick any subject and search and see the wide range of non related items that pop up.