Message from Claude Lawrenson

Tom Lloyd is a director of OAHI I believe and I understand he is or was selling Franchises to home Inspectors .
I think he does very few if any home inspections as he is a full time fireman so I have been told .
I wonder is what Claude was talking about when he said about new Home Inspectors franchising new want to be in business as Home inspectors?

Strange how go early to an OAHI meeting and see how they tell those who wish to be home inspectors how great it is and how much money they will make .
It is so unfortunate what they do to these poor souls .

… Cookie

I have been told Tom Lloyd sold his franchise.

That is correct.

Bill Mullen

"One also needs to remember that “grandfathering” is basically an automatic pass - no person has been granted or will be granted an automatic pass."

If you alow those already granted the vaunted national certification under lesser requirements to paractice as 'certified " without completing the new requirements, that is grandfathering.


Sounds to me that if that is the case those already certified would have to upgrade, otherwise the system is two tier.

The graduated system is used by many bodies who have to bring people into a certification who have varying degrees of experience and training. Those who are in the system prior to Dec. 31/07 need to take at least 20 hours of education each year to continue upgrading and every five years everyone has to be ‘recertified’ by taking another TIPR. There is nothing stopping people from signing up before the new rules click in, so it’s available and fair to everyone.

The problem was that there are hundreds of inspectors out there with years of experience and that has to be taken into consideration. Grandfathering was not an option and we are very glad now it is not. Some people who have been inspecting for many years have shown us that they are not performing inspection well enough to comply with Standards of Practice, and this comes out in the TIPR. We also couldn’t ask experienced home inspectors to start at the beginning and take all of the courses. This system is the best of both worlds but it still retains the integrity of the program. Nobody gets a free ticket but we also aren’t sending old-timers back to school for a couple years.

Many models for training and certification were studied by independent consultants and this model meets the requirements for rigor and fairness.

Nothing is perfect and no doubt things will change a bit over the years as they learn more because the model is a living project.

Bill Mullen

Did You Just Call Me An “old Timer”?!:twisted: :wink:

Bill, with all due respect, if you establish a requirement for participation, then later raise that bar, but continue to allow the previous participants to use their accreditation, that is a form of grandfathering.

"We also couldn’t ask experienced home inspectors to start at the beginning and take all of the courses." This too is a form of “grandfathering”

You may dress it up however you want but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck . . . .

Okay George:

How would you do it? Would you make a person with fifteen years of inspecting start at the beginning and take all the courses or would you give him some credit for his experience but still ensure he knows how to inspect to the Standards of Practice? Or would you allow everyone to get through whether they have one year of twenty years’ experience? It’s not a black and white thing, so some formula needed to be developed.

Bill Mullen

Ducks and rubber gloves…:wink:

They haven’t even come up with a legal course yet. So those already Cert. haven’t really been certified because they are lacking one essential course.

No one has seen any bylaws, or policies on discipline, et ceteras.

Its sure is strange how those who are disgruntled with OAHI find opportunities within the National.

Claude has addressed those issues a couple days ago. Maybe it wasn’t the answer you preferred, but it was answered.

Bill Muelln

Evade refuse to answer and ignore.
Bill is getting better at this every day .
But he sure loves the NACHI site he can plead his case and ignore the questions and tell his side of the story .
NACHI sure treats you better then you treat others.
Free loader Bill loves this place .

NACHI Where Bill continues to try and convince all how great the NCA is .
… Cookie

If you are referring to Claude and me, we have both been involved with this program for almost ten years, so we didn’t just decide to do this because we weren’t happy with OAHI.

Bill Mullen

No the recent spate of appointments.

Where are the bylaws? Where are the policies?

"Okay George:

How would you do it?"

**Remember, you asked! :mrgreen: **

I would have established a minimum standard for practicing inspectors based on number of inspections completed, years in the industry and education ( a points system like C.M.I. uses) and then allowed those ‘qualified’ to obtain their certification.

You may call it “grand fathering” if you like. The rest of us call it ‘fair’.


What you are describing IS the National Certification Program. You are given points for all of those things. If you reach the required threshold, no courses or anything else are needed. The only addition is the TIPR which is essential and each session shows us just how essential it is. There are a lot of ‘experienced’ inspectors out there who I’m sure unfortunately have no idea what is in any set of Standards of Practice or a Code of Ethics and they come from all associations.

Where do you suppose Nick got the idea for the CMI points system? Nick and I have been known to bounce ideas off him and I take credit for that one because it makes the CMI resemble the NCP a bit more.

Bill Mullen

I can’t think of any ‘recent’ appointments. Everyone has been in place now for almost a year and in three weeks elections will be held and I expect several new, elected faces.

Bill Mullen