Metal brackets attached to breakers

Why do people attach a metal bracket to a breaker. does it prevent the breaker from tripping?

Can you desscribe this “bracket”? Is it on top by the handle?

Nothing can “prevent” a breaker from tripping. Even a handle lock. The internal mechanism will still trip, even if the handle does not move to the tripped position.

A handle lock prevents a breaker from being easily turned off. As in the case of exit/emergency lighting in a store.

Maybe this is a critical circuit such as that, or maybe smoke detectors.

Pete. you answered it. I was right. You settled a bet with a know it all.

Hold-down bracket for a back-fed breaker?,%20QO%20(LK,%20PK,%20QO,%20QON)/40273-135-02.pdf



The other “bracket” you might see is an interlock for a generator. It keeps two breakers from being on at the same time. (gen set vs utility)