Deck construction

Hi Guys
What do you guys think of the way this deck is built? Single rim joist so called beam


It is hard for me to tell with the photos and info provided.

How large is the deck?

What does the ledger board attachment to house look like?

Looks like a 2 X 4 support post. Are there footers under the support posts? How many posts are there?

Do you have any more photos?

Footings are good 4x4 posts ledger board attachment is ok. I am just a little concerned about attaching the joists to single rim joist. The rim is just carriage bolted to the post . The deck is like 7’ X7’. Wouldn"t it have been better to have joists rest on a beam?

Live load capacity of 1960#?

What are those stains, rust or leaching galvanize?

What is holding up the stairs?

Open risers?

Ledger attachment as David mentioned?


Post base anchorage?

A few more pics might help.


Im sorry i don’t have any more pics. Would you beleive flashing in some areas here is not required if you have no organic siding and you don’t remove the siding. Post base is ok there is no flashing siding is not removed and it is non organic. I do not like this at all but that is whatt is code in a lot of areas.Ledger attchment is ok as far as I can tell exept for no flashing. I am just going to have a deck guy take a good look at it . I was just wondering about why you would build it like that instead of resting the joists on a beam 2 feet before the end of the deck. Do you think it is ok to have that single rim joist at the end holding all the joists and it is bolted through to the posts. Everything is on that single rim joist

Here is a good document that may be of some help.

Thanks david
My client is going to replace the deck anyway but I just wanted to gather as much info as I could for her. Thanks for your help

The joists can attach to the beam by either joist hangers or a 2X2 ledger. Your PIC shows both, so that is fine.

The post/beam connection is improper. You cannot rely on the shear strength of lag bolts. The beam must rest on the post.



Nick I agree, but you won’t beleive that alot of areas with post beam connection it is acceptable to have single 2x10 on each side of the post and carriaged bolted through. I could not beleive it when I saw the codes. The best connection to me is to have the post notched.

Simpson Strongtie DJT post to beam connector and as approved by local Jurisdictions. :slight_smile: