Metal flue to wood stove

How often should you have the metal flues to a wood stove swept out by a chimney sweep contractor?

Thanks in advance …

It depends on many factors like: Is the wood seasoned?, How often are you burning it?, Is your stove airtight?, Is the chimney outside where it cools faster?, etc., etc.

I burn my airtight woodstove fireplace insert 24/7. It has a stainless steel liner. I clean it every 60 days.

Some may need more, some may need less.

Here in Colorado we burn Douglass Fir and other various pines…I burn approx. 6-8 cords per year and clean it before each winter.

Like Larry said, depends on several factors, when in doubt, get it cleaned or recommend it be cleaned. Small price to pay to keep your house from being a victim of a chimney fire.

Just one Chimney fire gets your attention and you never forget .
If in doubt get it cleaned NOW!
Roy Cooke


I hate electric bills…and I’m strong like bull.

Paul and Tony,
Thanks for the laugh! Love the the big-eyed smiley…my thoughts exactly. Colorado sounds like a nice place to be.
Homewood, at absolute minimum, you should have your chimney flue inspected/swept once a year. Find yourself a reputable chimney sweep and set up an appointment. The busiest time of the year is in the fall, when folks are thinking about getting ready to burn through the winter, so make sure you schedule ahead. Have a great day! -Tom

Six to eight cords of wood???
I only used 3-4 cords when I lived in Norther Maine.

Have you checked your house for insulation values and air leakage?

Cheesh, that is a lot of woods. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

You have summer in Northern Maine :wink:

Seriously though, it was the first year, I enjoyed cutting and stacking and hauling and hauling and hauling and hauling the wood.

3 cords this year…but used lots of electricity.

3500 square foot house on 3 levels…do the math :wink:

Cmon Tony, are you sure you aren’t using a Colorado man’s measurement. Is 6-8 really 3-4? Put your wife on the board…:mrgreen: I know…cheap shot.

I cut it, stacked it, and hauled it myself…so no matter what…it was 8 cords…that is my story, and I’m stickin to it!

3500 divided by three = 1166 s.f. Man Tony your house is way too big.
Hope you like that Pilot job. I burn oil. Clean and easy. Do the Math. :wink: :wink: