Metal Panel Roof

Does anybody have an Inspection Checklist for Metal Roofs? or where I can find information, to make a inspection checklist from? I have an inspection scheduled for tomorrow that has a metal roof installed. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Metal Roof ??

Copper: Pin holes possible through chemical reaction with pollutants

Terne & Steal; Lack of Paint causes Corrosion damage, repairs should not be done with tar since they are a moisture trap and cause more corrosion.

check seams, folds, crimps or solder whatever hold them together.

report torn, bent punctured, split distorted areas.

Very important is the ventilation check roof framing very carefully (metal is moisture proof material)

Insure that it is not agricutural panel. There is a house in my area that has an agricultural panel main roof! I wonder who installed it and how long it will last in the brutal Wisconsin climate…](*,)

Thanks Guys, appreciate the help. Doug the links were very helpful. I am surprised Gerry didnt chime in on this with him developing the roofing course. Must be a very busy person. I mean that in a nice way.

The roof was a standing seam steel panel with concealed fastners, installed about 3 years ago, a very dark blue. I wasnt sure how to walk it, so I viewed from eaves with binoculars, took a lot longer to inspect.