Metal roof boots

Are there specific standing seam metal roof boots? What’s the proper installation methods for penetrations? This was for a stainless woodburner chimney.

Comments and narratives always welcome, thank in advance.


this is the company that I always used. Good link on products

Typical boot I would use, also available in high temperature

Hi, i think you have the option of going with a light weight slate roofing. However, you need to look into the matter more seriously before finalizing any thought. For the cause you can visit // I dealt with them for remodeling my roof.

Peter beat me to it.
I use this one also along with other ones. In this situation you only have one seam so I would not recommend a new boot.

The picture posted shows a poor coordination attempt to make sure the penatration is not saddled on the standing seam.
Either the penatration is made after the roof panels are installed or the panel layout is done to coordinate the location of the penatration flashing to be in the flat of the panels.


Yes I would agree. However with the newer boot designs it does not matter as it can be shaped to fit.

And which one would look better and provide a better seal?:slight_smile:

Peter put up the standard boot design. Notice how it contours around the lower profile. All of the panels I see are slightly deferent in the design. Very few have a flat surface wide enough for a chimney anymore for the new style metal sheats on roofs.

Corrugated roof panels and standing seam panels are not the same.

Very true!