Metal Roof/Flashing on Stucco Wall

This metal roof and flashing does not look correctly installed. This is a new construction in West Texas. Can someone recommend a reference to look this up or have advice on writing this deficiency up? Missing counterflashing and kick-out flashing, termination on stucco

. Thank you inadvance.

Is it tucked?

It doesn’t appear to be. I have this inspection on Friday but I drove by there today to get a sneak peek. I saw this from the street.

Well, flashing must be designed to prevent water entry. That is the counter flashing. I would prefer it be tucked. It also does not appear to have sealant which would be the minimum requirement in my mind. I would call it substandard.


Thank you Brian, I agree on the sealant. I haven’t been able to find a good reference regarding this installation on stucco. The closest is the attached picture, but not sure yet if it applies.

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Not much of a flashing detail. Leaves a lot up to the installer for field interpretation.

I see these issues right off the bat.

Thank you!

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Nice roof bad contractor.

Do you see any issues with the flashing?

Yes, as Brian stated above, there should be a counter flashing installed to prevent water intrusion behind the roof covering material and eventually causing issues to the wall/roof structure.
I would call it a defect.

Personally, I think ya’ll overthinking this. This is a visual cosmetic feature only. What exactly do you feel is being protected? The exterior envelope of the home is intact. Rain is gonna hit the underside of that ‘roof’ no matter what you do. It’s a non-issue!!

Valid point Jeffrey, thank you.

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I consider my middle arrow to be counter flashing. You consider it a rake detail. Either way, I think it needs a bit more work.

I have attached what an actual flashing detail should look like. Details may vary depending on the designer.

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It does not look good from here.


That’s the way it should have been done down the line of the detail you provided.
Improperly installed as shown in the OP’s pics.
Defective installation. Reglet counterflashing required.


From here I don’t see any type of coping or flashing at the top of the wall. It appears to be a parapet since there is no visible roofing. I would not expect to see stucco/EIFS terminate at the top of the wall or even wrap around at the top of the wall as shown.


Yes, the home has a flat roof and it is parapet all around.

How about a pic of the same wall from further back, showing the entire elevation?

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When you perform the inspection on Friday, take a good look at the top of the parapet. Also, note how the water is diverted from the roof, particularly thru wall scupper. Make sure that it is properly flashed. If internal roof drains, need to make sure there are emergency overflow drains.

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Jeffrey I stopped by this morning took these pics. That flashing is serving no purpose other than cosmetic in my opinion. You can see daylight behind meaning it’s not flush against wall or sealed at all.