Roof/wall stucco flashing incorrect

Well here’s a basic question. $1.5 million home. Any water running down the wall will run under the tile and depend on the underlying membrane for protection. Thing is, I don’t remember what this should look like.
Stucco terminated above tile with couterflashing and flashing directing runoff across upper surface of tile?


It is missing the “kick flashing” otherwise it looks like the same crap I see all the time.

click to enlarge

The wall step flashing could very well be there and allright just hidden. But the kick out diverter will be the down fall of the installation. And according to ASTM the stucco should not be within 2 inches of the roof.

That is a very nice product.

I received a couple of samples (1 right hand and 1 left hand) from the company. They are great to keep in the truck for show and tell with the client and even had an occasion to share with the roofer that the seller hired to fix a damaged area. :wink:

Bob Givens is a nice guy I met him in OVPK KS. Last fall now if the roofers will just start installing them alot of problems would just vanish!

Hi to all,

there appear to be several issues with that installaion that are incorrect, some have been covered by others.

To add to the list I don’t see a pan flashing under the tile (step flashings would not be applicable with a tile roof). Also, what pitch is the roof it seems awfully low for any type of tile or shingle.

I agree solidly with the kickout flashings comments they would save a huge ammount of damage.




10-4 Gerry…missing the pan and kick-out flashing.

I highly doubt there is any flashing on the wall either, it would be visible.

Generally there is a two-three inch reveal at the walls.

Hi Dale,

I agree with you, at best there will just be a straight angled flashing running up the roof/wall intersection, hopefully it was applied prior to the torch-down underlayment.

The whole thing is just a typical crappy install, you see this stuff all the time when the trades are just not working together. The problem is no one gets to set up the flashing systems properly before the stucco is applied.




That is a good picture of the correct installation method. I saved the picture so I don’t have to explain or draw examples for clients regarding how the flashing is supposed to be installed.

What gets me is the fact these damn city inspectors could care less about flashing. The IRC really needs to step-up the requirements in more detail.

The different colors does the job !

Thanks guys,

that image is from my “Crayola Series” I needed some flashing details for the online roofing course and nothing out there was really clear enough so I did some myself.

Here’s some more




Hey Gerry

Can you do one with 2 layers of moisture barrier for a stucco application?

Carl, I could but I have never seen it done like that :wink:



Thanks guys. It’s been a while and I couldn’t believe the stucco guys screwed this house up so badly. There was pan flashin but the short lip was smashed down everywhere.

No weep screed and all walls terminated below grade. No caulk at any pentration or termination

Lets not leave the roofers out they are suppose to install the kickouts and flashing properly, The landscapers are the ones who pilled stuff up against the house most likley at the builders or home owners request. The stucco guy did some things wrong but all the credit for the problems should not be given to him.:slight_smile: