Meter and box near street, panel

Looked at new construction home. The meter and service disconnect are located in enclosure <4’ tall near street. Safety hazard if you lock, or don’t lock. Contains 200 amp service disconnect for house, half hidden by opening. Also has open place in front cover (square opening), just perfect for small fingers.

The 225 Amp panel in garage contained all breakers for home, but not a main disconnect. Also supplied by 1/0 copper.

100_4739a (Small).jpg

meter (Small).jpg

Its hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks all of those wires are bundled together. If so, that is so very wrong. Also, there are white wires attached to the breakers. They should be painted black. Let me guess, this passed the city inspection.

It looks like they have the wring cover on the service disconnect and the 1/0 has already been discussed.
You can not like the service disconnect being outside but lots of places are requiring it these days.

Why on earth would you feel that way?

see the meter outside like this on condos in my area. Why is it an issue?


Nothing wrong with being locked or unlocked actually…it is still considered accessible and not a problem. If it was in a case of the fire department…trust me they will get the lock off with no problem…:wink:

I don’t like the idea that 200A OCPD on the exterior is nearly covered by the enclosure front…sees like a poor design to me but in the premise of the idea is fine.

However, I think they have the wrong front cover on the lower section of that enclosure…should not be covering any exposed part of that OCPD.

I think the cover is wrong, also.
Seems like they are saving money having the 200 A OCPD at the meter, and the only other panel not having a main disconnect.