No main shut off switch in 2013 townhouse electrical panel

2013 townhouse. Electrical panel has no main shut off switch, only individual breakers. Assuming this was legal as it was signed of by the city. Should this be called out as a safety issue or just a suggestion to add? What is code today?

You were probably looking at a remote distribution (sub) panel. Did you locate the area with the meters?

No. This was the main panel.

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Agree with Simon, do you have pictures you can upload

That would be wrong in 2013, a disconnect is required. Post pics of the meters & panels.

This is the main panel of the townhouse.

It’s wired as a sub-panel. Why do you believe it’s the main (service) panel?


because this is the only panel in the house

Did you locate the SEC? meters? being the only panel “inside” does not make it “main”.


I inspected a new construction townhouse yesterday and it had the same panel in the garage with a main disconnect.
Forgive me but I’m fairly new. SEC? Meters?

Consider retaking the electrical course offered by nachi, you don’t want to get yourself in trouble.


ok will do. Can you help with this question? What should I be also looking for if this is not the main panel?

There is going to be a disconnect by the meter enclosure. Usually it’s on the exterior side of a building.

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I walked the whole exterior. There is no other panel, whether interior or exterior. There is no disconnect by the meter. Only the meter itself.

There just needs to be a disconnect with OCPD, so a breaker, not another “panel” in a sense you understand. I’m pretty sure you missed it.

Post a pic of it

unfortunately I didnt take a picture of the meter.

Any chance you have a picture of what you are talking about so that if I go back out to the site I can look for it?

Yes, there are different versions of it, try this:

Can you explain why they would put the disconnect on the outside of the building and not in the townhouse main panel? That seems like a safety hazard in itself?

There were non of these. Only the basic round meter. I would have noticed any of these boxes