Meth Lab Evidence

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Has anyone come across this issue in an inspection?

I have a client that is wanting me to look at some investment property that he said he is afraid that one of the units had something cooking in it... He said he walked in and the chemical smell overtook him (he left immediately) and couldn't get the taste out of his mouth for hours. There was not apparrent evidence of what it was.

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Hi William,

Methamphetamine production is very wide spread and the toxins that are left in and around the roperty are very dangerous and require specialised clearance, I for one would not inspect a property which was thought to have ben used for Meth production unless it had been properly cleared.

Caoimh?n P. Connell, who frequents this board is very much an expert in this field, maybe you could email him for some background information, I know he is very knowledgeable and helpfull.

Here is a link to his web page on the topic:

BTW try a search on this BB as much has previously be written about this topic.