Methamphetamine test

I was asked today if there was a way to test if a property had been used to produce methamphetamine. I have never heard of one but I’m asking the collective, any thoughts?

Bruce Cargin
Hastings, MN

heck here:


Thanks Dick, I really did not think there would be a viable test for the following reasons, most of the chemicals used are common household items so false positives would be a problem and testing for meth itself seems problematic because each “chef” has their own “recipe”. I guess there is a way to test. Thanks for the link.


Yes, I originally bought some from Carl, who buys them from the manufacturer. Also check out:
for 85 cents each.
And, If you want a lab test, email me for the lab’s info:
Russ @

I’ve heard that if you lick 1 sq.ft. of a suspect area and start ricocheting off the walls, ***IT"S POSITIVE!!! ***

I had the same question come up in a meeting with some real estate agents, one of them suggested that spray starch when sprayed on a suspected area would turn red a reaction with the chemicals used to manufacture the meth, another one said a potato cut in half then rubbed on the area. both sound a little down home and a little quirkier.We need a good reliable test that can detect METH this is a real problem that we all face any help on this subject needs to be posted thanks Jim D

Hey, Jim!
Yep, I’d love to be there when the “deal is blown” because the agent has a potato slice in one hand and a can of spray starch in the other!

I agree, we need some quality testing. the lab I use would not be able to handle the NACHI volume.
Nick has asked me to create a Meth Course for NACHI, and we are looking into a national lab to provide support to NACHI members.

In your humble opinion, do you think that the swab tests from Scott Co. be okay to use with a disclaimer to reccommend a second test thru a lab if positive test results were found on the first one. You would think so since they say these are what the cops use to put you in jail with no disclaimer & or 2nd test option…

Exactly, TJ!
That’s how I “sniff” for my lab testing.

You might want to check into these tests too. They require a certification to use them and seem a lot more reliable and accurate than some of the testings swabs I have researched.

Check out this company if you want to go through the certification to use their tests in a commercial application.

Agreed, it’s a good test.
The way I look at it, I want to be able to look the client in the eye (and, especially a sue-happy RE agent!) and point to a LAB REPORT.
Let the lab take the credit / fall of a deal gone sour.

As I said, I use swabs to help me decide where to lab-test.
The Scott swabs are much cheaper as “sniffers”.

Again, I can be emailed
Russ(at) for details regarding the lab I use. Dozens of fellow HIs have followed through with this offer. It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge, and to protect your client. Once you’ve been “methed up” on an inspection (as Jeanne & I have), you’ll understand why!

Mold:twisted: , Meth:twisted: & Monoxide:twisted: -
I’ve been poisoned by them all on this job.

thanks for the info

I do meth testing using the Meth-Chek 500 from SKC - that is the level for Colorado - kind of a big problem here in the mtns - cost is $35 a test but results on site in 5 minutes - this test kit was developed by the NOISH and CDC.

Want more info on meth go to Really scary stuff -

Greg, I’ve investigated those and, if I was an Industrial Hygenist (IH) instead of an HI, I’d be satisfied using them.
As is, I want a lab to take the credit -or fall- for the decision, so I have Mike Cooper provide me with lab results. Minimizes my responsibility!

Greg, I’ve investigated those and, if I was an Industrial Hygenist (IH) instead of an HI, I’d be satisfied using them.
As is, I want a lab to take the credit -or fall- for the decision, so I have Mike Cooper provide me with lab results. Minimizes my liability!

Mike Cooper - Structural Narcotics Detection Service – had been in Kalispell MT but has recently moved to the Bozeman area. His new contact info is below. He has a course you take before using his lab services, to be certified to do the sampling. I’ve always been happy with his service; tell him Russ sent you!
Mike Cooper
P.O. Box 556
Belgrade MT, 59714


Economical swab tests are available here. They don’t give you any legal documentation, but are cheap enough to help you figure out WHERE to do the lab swab tests. Also, the possibility exists that these may give you false positives or false negatives. When you’ve got a home purchase hinging on your say-so, that’s a lot of liability to assume. That’s why I use Mike’s lab.

Hi Russell,
I am so looking forward to the course you mentioned you were working on.
I know everyone could benefit from this information. Our local NACHI chapter had a Narcotics detective speak to us once last year, and he handed out a Video/CD that was frightening, when viewed, but informative, to say the least.
Bottom line to inspectors was to “have the owner/listing agent notify the authorities, and to walk away”
if you suspect a Meth presence…

Steve, thanks for the encouragement!

Meanwhile, as Greg posted earlier - and I’ve mentioned in other threads - the best single learning source I’ve seen yet is

The problem is one of liability.

If you charge for any service and clear a house, only for smeone to develop an illness down the line, the liability will be staggering.

This is not like performing a radon test. If specific protocols for how, wwhere, and why have been specified by a governmental agency, and you follow those protocols and use a state accredited lab, and retain chain of custody, then fine.

If not… watch out!

These claims will make a mold claim look like a cheap date.

As to protocols, I’d say a combined DEA/CDC/EPA standard would be best… if one exists. A NIOSH standard would pertain to those entering the site, as employees.