Miami Home Inspection?

I am looking for a home inspector in the Miami area who is willing to do a home inspection and possibly a wind mitigation inspection on a two story home. This isn’t your typical cookie cutter house design wise, so I am looking for someone who can be extremely thorough, as the house has not been maintained properly and I am not 100% sure of what I am walking into. The current owner is unsure how old the roof is, but permits point to 2006 possibly. I also have some mold concerns and HVAC concerns as they have installed mini splits throughout the house. The house is a bit of a gamble for me, but while I am very familiar with construction, I want to have someone really spend there time with it and alleviate my roof, mold, water intrusion, and HVAC concerns along with the rest of the standard inspection points. I would need to do this inspection within the next 10 days as well.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

305-759-4587 give us a call

Have fun Dennis :slight_smile:

Give us a call… 305-733-7447

Did I scare you off Meeker?:mrgreen:

I hope I’m not painting too bad a picture, but I do feel there is more to this than meets the eye. I forgot to mention that there is also some possible termite damage on the house. On the bright side(or maybe downside for me) there is not much of an attic to speak of. I will call both of you tomorrow and anyone else who feels they are up to the task. Thanks in advance.

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No, I just do not like going to Miami to much and do not like written home inspections either. I do enjoy pre-purchase consultations or Walk and Talks where I can give my opinions instead of just facts. Good luck with it. I personally vouch for Dennis’s professionalism.