Wind Mitigation in Coral Springs

I have a friend in coral springs that needs a w/m. Who can do it and how much? Thanks!

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Shoot me an email. As long as I can do it on my own schedule and he is a friend of yours whatever you think is fair :slight_smile:

Remember I do not fetch roof permit info. I just verify what the client provides.

Send them to us

Mike, are you saying you expect your buyer to be able to provide permit info on the house?

Most Port St. Lucie, FL buyers would not have a clue where or how to look. That is one of many reasons they are hiring an expert to take care of.

I tell them.

It is their responsibility to produce a building permit for me to verify or a roof permit history report from their local bldg. dept.

Just like it is their responsibility to produce NOA’s, SWR’s, Impact doors, Impact garages, Skylights etc… for all the things they claim to have.

I am there to verify their information that is all. You do not actually chase all that crap for them do you. ThaT WOULD NOT BE A FINACINANCIALLY PROFITABLE SITUATION.

Damn caps sry.

I have and do offer the service for a fee but very few take me up on the offer and figure they can do it as easily as me so why pay me $25 to make a call or search a website. I cover Dade, Broward, and Palm bEACH. No way in hell I am going to do the grunt work for them unless they wish to pay.

My primary customers are not Buyers.

When I originally posted I did not realize your primary customers were HOs. Of course, if they own it they should have the docs.

However, up the road in Vero Beach earlier this year the seller came to the inspection of his large, expensive vacant house. He said he spent over $50k on a new roof, and I believe him.

The unbelievable part is that he did not save any paperwork for the job. No permit, contract, nothing to document the date of install.

On Item 2, I was forced to check C, as there was no permit on record at the county.

3 wks later buyer’s HO ins agent calls and sends me the notice of commencement she somehow dug up in a way-out convoluted County record search.

These things can really suck when they are for a buyer!!

Everyone has varying levels of customer service and prices, we all do what works for us. I have an office that happily looks up the info between booking appointments. I offer pictures on my four points, I even include a front and rear pictures with roof inspections, because it works for my business model. It may not work for all. If I thought I could not do some portion and still get paid the same(while not loosing clients) I would do that to.

Hey Pete, don’t forget that the NOC is not the same as a permit. You can file the NOC and never have the work completed. The actual permit is what is needed.

I am with Meeker on this one. If I can locate the information on line or through a simple phone call, I will, otherwise it is up to the client to provide the information. For the lousy $75.00, which is the going rate in this area, it is not worth the time to track these things down, especially when I have enough home inspections to keep me busy.

The best inspection Company in that Area is Atlantic Building Inspections, owner is Carlos Gonzales.

14210 SW 57 LN
Miami, FL 33183
(888) 853-8863
Hours: Sun, Sat Closed; Mon-Fri 9am–5pmBus: SW 56 St@SW 142 Av

Any professional inspection company will do a permit search and make an effort to assit the consumer in finding easy to retreive documents online if a feature looks like it should qualify for a credit.

I would recommend these guys to do my grandmothers inspections, they are very thorough and top notch professionals!

Thank you. Your client has made the best choice.